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cambelt question

  corsa ecoflex
what do i need other than the cambelt kit and where is the best place to get these gonna be doing them next week and was wanting to i buy genuine or aftermarket stuff like what ktec sell....what sort of prices are these selling for
  ITB'd MK1
remember the phs1 cambelt kit is different to the phs2

well, one idler is ;) It is a different kit though :)

Gates cambelt kit, genuine aux belt (aftermarket ones are thicker so harder to fit as the thickness makes them shorter because of the way it runs)
  Megane dci 130
well, one idler is ;) It is a different kit though :)

I found this out when doing mine, had the wrong kit so the bottom idler hole was too small. Had to put it back together at that point with the original idler. Just now recently done it all again and replaced the idler.