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Cambelt / water pump help. All responses welcomed. Thanks

  Iceberg 172
Hi all,

I've recently heard a funky noise coming from the engine bay in my 2003 clio sport. After a bit of research I'm thinking of changing the water pump, depasher pulley and the cam belt. I'm trying to gather a few quotes from garages and people.

Does anyone know of any specialist garages to complete the tasks I've mentioned. I'm located in the south east.

All help welcomed.


  Mk3 clio 1.5
Ive had this changed on mine before, you may aswell do them all together as you have to take them off to get to it. However i paid a friend to do it for £30, i should suspect a garage to be looking about £120

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
You have two techs in Dartford.
It must be done using the Renault tool's.