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Cambelt won't go on...


ClioSport Club Member
Changing my own belt for the first time.
Apart from a 182 being an absolute pig to work on, and the Renault manual being in a weird order and extremely nebulous it's going alright.
Couldn't get the cambelt on, was blaming the keyed pulley, but cycling home angry I think I've solved it.
I kinda followed the renault manual to change the dephaser.
Should i have left the dephaser loose, tensioned the cambelt, THEN tightened the dephaser?


ClioSport Club Member
as above,
lock everything then loosen all pulleys, remove timing end locking tool, replace dephaser, belt, idler, tensioner etc.

set tensioner, torque cam pulleys to 30nm and lower to 80nm, unlock everything, turn engine over by hand a couple of times.

lock it all again and make sure the tensioner is sitting correctly, if its not, adjust and repeat again. - If the horseshoe tool doesnt fit - repeat again until you have it spot on.

once you have it all sitting happy, torque everything to spec using the new supplied nuts and bolts. - all the torque settings are in the manual.
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
It’s hard to remember..

but I’m pretty sure I get the belt on, leave all the pulleys rolling free and rotate it all making sure the tension is going with the engine rotation… crank locked.

then I put the horse shoe in, if there tension I use it as a lever on each cam shaft and take the tension off the cam from the followers. The goal being I can slide the shoe in and it’s all floppy.. (like in the flexing cam timing videos of the past)

Fit shoe, then at this point someone recommended I just nip up the cam and dephaser, so do that with a spanner, it’s just to hold them while you fit the locking tool. The problem with the locking tool is you can knock the pulley/dislodge the cam. Nipping it to “just enough” keeps it in place.

Once nipped and shoe checked, locking tool recheck horse shoe again, if it’s loose and floppy in the cam slots it’s time to torque it all up.

Rotate, check horse shoe again.

i know it’s boring, but keeping that shoe floating is key… if there’s tension on it you’ll have to manipulate the shoe in each time, often with a hammer. We all seen the smashed up cam slots on other cars.

Ive had nothing but success and when I check again after 4 years all is gravy.


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks all!
It really isn't that hard once you get your head around it.
Even changed the dephaser!
Used OEM Renault tools and double-checked everything.
It's just the lack of room that gives you a headache.
good work, I've not done a 172/182 while the engine is in the bay, out the bay I find it quite an enjoyable job!