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Camberley Meet?

  Petrol Blue 182.
haha yeah have been slacking over winter! but spring is upon us! trouble is, not much to do in camberley, so frequent meets, numbers normaly dwindle. atleast when its a bit warmer, we can hang about and chat more! too cold in the winter to do that :(


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172's, JCW,
Might be up for this.. time and depending. Oh, that, and if I can get away from Needless to say, I'll almost certainly be late! :p


ClioSport Club Member
I'd be happy to come along to this - Camberley's near my GF's house, and a little bit closer to me than Southampton etc!
  197 Albi Blue
I have to pick my mate up from Gatwick Airport at 11pm so I could potentially come to this on my way :)
  Liquid Yellow 182 FF
Tbh guys, 8pm at the Atrium couldnt be any worse. Its orange Wednesday at Vue and its always packed there in the evening. Also we're not allowed to take pictures either as the Security guys are knobheads.
  Sprint/climb 106 gti
Hmmm... I will be at the atrium, but with a different kind of ride ;) So I see you then I shall say hello, if not have a good one!
  Liquid Yellow 182 FF
Well I doubt if I will be out tonight, don't see any point going there tonight as it will be packed. Could we not arrange for next Friday or something, somewhere?


South Central- West Berks
ClioSport Area Rep
It hasn't been confirmed for tonight yet and quite a few have dropped out so probably best to leave it until another week.