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  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Due to my timing belt screwing up on me the other day, iam looking into getting some cams for my engine.

I have a BBR starchip, would that need to be remapped for the cams?

If so how much am i looking at for that?
yup, he's the man!

2 live's before and after map was a big difference,

Big HP same again,

GazTwo's Nana mobile made 193bhp, 185 before map, but loads more torque as well.

Chris n Nic made 196bhp, without cams on his Cup!

Flaming Monkeys turned from average to absolute animal overnight as well. Only heard good things about him!
£450, or if you are a Williams Clio member it's the paltry sum of £350, but when the forum is back up do a post on Wayne, you will get 99% positive feedback about his work.

In fact, do google search for Wayne Schofield and it should mainly be Porsche owners clubs raving on about how good he is.
  Polo GTi
Yep us, Big Willy owners love Wayne

The week after Chris n Nics he was remapping a Maclaren F1 apparently.

I have Kents in mine with Kent Pulleys, been fine for over a year used everyday without fail


ClioSport Club Member
  375bhp mk1 +Williams
He will be mapping my F7R when it goes in next week! with a bit more work, i'm hoping for around 180bhp.