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can non xenon and xenon internals be swapped on PH2 clio?

  R8, Clio172, 172cup
I have two clios, one with excellent lenses but non-xenon (clio cup) and one with excellent Xenon's but cloudy lenses (172)

Can I swap the 172 Xenons into the cup shells and end up with a good set of headlamps?

I want to strip out the internals of a set so I can end up with just covers as the Cup car is now a track / race car.

  K4M ph2
I'd advise just refurbing the lenses of the xenons, use various grades of sandpaper and a decent rubbing compound and they will come up like new. lots of guides on here how to do it.
  R8, Clio172, 172cup
Thanks but that doesnt get me where I was trying to get. I just want to know if the internals can be removed and swapped, then make a plan from there.