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Can't find any guide....

  Ph1 Flamer
Please can someone point me in the right direction for a guide to (been looking for ages):

- Removing Ph1 172 Rear bumper

- Replacing it with a Ph2 172 one

  fiesta 1.25
Ive done it but forgotten how to,i remember drilling holes in the bumper.

Just take off your old one and yourl find out
  Ph1 Flamer
Yeah, that's what's throwing me, some people metion having to drill, others don't....

Don't think i want to bother if i'm gonna have to start drilling holes in my car!!!!!
  Evo 6, E92 320d
From what i remember the ph1 bumper has 4 screws under the boot lid, 2 on either arch liner then 1 behind the arch liner where the bumper meets the arch. The ph2 bumper is the same but the arch liners are different so you need new ones and there are only 2 screws under the bootlid instead of 4. Also behind the bumper underneath there are 2 more that bolt into some extra reinforcers.