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Captain - Any Ideas

Hmmmm. whoever told ya that is on cheap drugs doood...
Lama measure Oxygen and calculates air/fuel ratio where Lama 1 = (Stoichiometric) ratio of about 14 to 1.

temps have aboslutely nothing to do with it.. modern Oxy sensors are supplied with a constant heat suply to enable it to work properly..

in your application teh ecu would normally register a cat efficiency level and apply corrections based on O2-in/02-out - effectively dictating how rich you can run and maintain emmision control.

you should achieve a base read of 1:1 due to the decat, the ecu reads both as no gain.

put it on the rollers, then measure the emmisions...

if the engine is running weaker due to an internal target table for cat conversion, then you may need to apply a voltage differential to the L2 sensor to make it think its reading a conversion factor..

all this is theoretical as no one has disected the RENIX internals yet (including superchips !)

bottom line is, that, it will probably run great dood.. without any other mods.


just to add for any non cat aware readers

a catalytic converter has a substance (Catalyst) that converts what we (at the moment) class as environmentally harmfull emssions into, ones that we have not yet identified as harmless..

During this conversion the oxygen levels change or diminish.. we can measure that with our computer (the ecu) and do something to help..


Cheers dude. Im waiting to get my car back from the dealer and then will measure up for where I need to drill for the 2nd lama sensor.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Does this mean that we have a realistic (i.e. available from Sainsburys) de-cat solution for 172s then? Sounds like not...