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Car Audio Direct

Whos ordered from these people before?

i ordered my head unit on monday with the relevant adapters, and they still havent arrived?

i know its not been too long, so how long did your deliveries take?
  Mondeo STTDCI

CAD are an excellent company, good prices, good service and good rep in the right circles IMHO. Any problems though phone dont email they get sorted a lot quicker.



I ordered the adaptors and stuff for mine, they took just short of a week to arrive.

I had to return them as they didnt work, on the phone they were useless "grunt, send it back, grunt".

Refunded me straight away though and they responded to all e tickets, or whatever they call them, very promptly.

never had a problem with them, usually get stuff sent out to me the next day!

perhaps what youve ordered wasnt in stock? and they have to order in new stock before they can send yours off to you
  Clio 172mk2

ive ordered head unit , speakers , n few other bits n bats .

all came on day they should, emails usually get replies same day .
  silver valver/hybrid

CAD are pretty good never had a problem with them, i know im some areas the courior company they use can be a bit crap.


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

I got my Sub and components from them...good service, sh*t communication, i.e you try and find their phone number on the site! lol, took me about 20mins

Well... it arrived but i plugged it all in and they sent me the wrong bloody stalk adapter.

its an Alpine Head Unit but comes up "sony" in the clio display and the wheel controls do bugger all!

not very impressed with CAD so far.