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Car Colour!! :(

Anyone else on here own a Sunburst Yellow new Clio? or come to that, a platinum one, or any other Clio that Renault cant paint the bumpers the correct, mathing colour on?

I bought my Clio in January and since then I have been arguing with Renault that the front and rear bumpers, along with the rain gutters, dont match the rest of the car!!! They have re-sprayed the front and, guess what, it still doesnt match!
Spoke to one of the sprayers down there and he has stated that Sunburst Yellow and platinum suffer the most, but all they do is re-spray, re-spray until the customer gives up asking.


Does anyone know how you go about rejecting a car based on its faults? Is there a limited time in which you can do this? Renault Bodyshops are starting to really get on my nerves now, how hard can it be to paint a car one colour?


  Shiny red R32

Why dont you take your car to a proper bodyshop where they can get the right colour and a good paint job?

cos its under warranty and this is the only garage close. Scary thing is they were repairing a maranello next to mine when it went in 1st time!!!! Suppose red is easy to paint!

Powerslide - look under the sale of goods act - anything you buy must be of sufficient quality - this also applies to the exterior of your car! If you have a problem with it and Renault agree its a problem (which they did, otherwise they wouldnt have sprayed it for you) then I think youve got grounds to complain... I am led to believe that the fault(s) should be brought to Renaults attention within the first month of ownership and that the vehicle should have covered as few miles as possible in order to stand the best chance of being rejectable as it were! My mum rejected her dCi on paintwork grounds and had no probs whatsoever with Renault about it - they just apologised and ordered a replacement if she wanted it!

Good luck m8!


ta mate, well, eight months down the line and its going in again. (realy I have spent too much time and attention keeping it in good nick to give it back, and a wad on mods!)

If it ait right this time Im torching it and getting a new one on Renault insurance!!! (get them back some way or another!)


  Shiny red R32

Just mention two words to them - TRADING STANDARDS - that might ensure that they do a proper job. Perhaps you could tell them that if they dont get it right this time, that you will get a proper bodyshop to do it and give Renault the bill.

As Matt said, Renault should be informed of any complaints very quickly, and perhaps if everyone with problems did this, Renault might improve their standards. As long as customers tolerate their sometimes inferior workmanship, this is what Renault will continue to produce!



Gutted. I have ordered a platinum extreme that i get next monday!!!!! I will pay particular attention to this.