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car design software

hi i was wondering if there is a any software out there that can design and build your own car (moddified) like the one the little guy with A.D.D uses to show the guy how his car could look i think it would be good to see what could be achieved.

cheers jamie.
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If you want to do it properly then youll need some 3D graphics software such as 3DS Max. It can be well expensive and bloody hard to learn! Having said that, if your prepared to stick with it then it will be worthwhile.

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I use and have used a shed load of different CAD software packages the main ones are Catia, IDEAS, Solidworks. There isnt really a package where you start with blocks and add them to your model. You start with a blank sheet of paper - do your sketch then take it from there.

After the model has been created the computer model is then put in a rendering package such as Maya (Gran Turismo fame) or something like 3D Studio.

This is what I do for a living so if you need any help let me know.