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car detailing

hey, does anyone do car detailing around lincolnshire area? or know of any places?! cant seem to find any anywhere
There are a couple of us over towards Manchester and Chesterfield. Symon, chemicalguy (stephen) and myself. Possible others but can't remember who!
It's been asked a couple of times for that area fella, didn't seem to be anyone around :(

Sorry lad!
  Honda & VW
just buy some products and give yourself a day, combine this with a bit of elbow greese and you're laughing...?
  Better than yours. C*nt.
What's your booking dates like at the moment Russ? As I'll need a delivery detail doing soon on a Mk6 Golf.
  Megane R26
I stopped doing them because of my day job for a month or so now, so other than an R32 and a Boxster over Xmas I'm relatively clear.

What colour is the Golf? Is it being dealer prep'd?
  Better than yours. C*nt.
It's a company car so it'll go by the lease company and probably scratched to f**k by some immigrant... Is Shadow Blue.
  Megane R26
Nice, lol.

No worries, just text me or send me a PM when you know when you want it doing and I'll sort something out :)

What engine? Do they treat you well?
  Better than yours. C*nt.
140 TDI, it's not too bad.

They're messing around with dates still ATM (was ordered in f*cking August!) but will give you a shout when it's up! Also got the Vee to do some time as well but that can wait!
  Megane R26
That's not too bad at all, my mate has just been given a 116i BMW, after being promised a 120D.

Gutted is not the word.
  Megane R26
Lol, it'd probably be quicker.

I'm shocked at how cramped the 1 series is inside. It's all very average. £18k I think not.

Sorry for going off topic :)
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Tell me about it - I have to put up with a 120d (old PD engine too! Yak!) until the Golf arrives.

Proper poverty spec IMO, even with the M-Sport pack.