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  1. R

    De ice windscreen

    How does people de ice windscreens without scraping or using de-icer. I remember hearing that de-icer is bad to get on paintwork and will eat away protective coatings like ceramic glaze and rainx
  2. Gally

    Misano Red MK3 Audi TT - Sonax, Bilt Hamber Detail

    Hello ladies! Just some shots of this TT. Came up well. Belongs to a friend I met when I had my TT and I've cleaned every car he has bought since. Cleaned with all infinity wax range. Polished with sonax perfect finish and yellow rupes on a mkiii Bigfoot polisher. Cleansed with Bilt hamber...
  3. AndyPembs182

    Black Friday discount codes

    Does anyone know if the online detailing websites will be offering Black Friday sales? Looking for a handy tip-off to save me paying over the odds!
  4. AndyPembs182

    Black Friday deal tip-offs

    Any tip-offs about Black Friday discounts with any of the online detailing resellers?
  5. Chapppers11

    ABC Yas Marina Blue BMW M4

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted on here as I've not been as active with our 182 track car, so I thought I'd share with you my new (2015) BMW M4, picked up last week with the below spec - 17k miles, DCT Yas Marina Blue Silverstone Interior Advanced Parking BMW Adaptive Headlights /...
  6. Gally

    Black Sapphire F10 BMW M5 Detail - CarPro Essence Plus Trial

    Hello chaps, some may recognise the car from a previous detail I carried out for a good friend of mine. It's pretty clean and he really has looked after it washing wise etc after some advice, he's seen a massive difference just by washing it correctly. You'll see from the images the lack of...
  7. Rystar

    172 Iceberg, Post Mop Photos

    Hi All, Recently had a mate of mine mop my car to bring the paint back up, no idea what he used, i'm not an expert, some sort of Trade Auto Glym stuff. Anyways, here are some photos of it shining after its clean, Enjoy!
  8. Chapppers11

    Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS - Gtechniq Detail

    Hi all, been a while since I shared a detail with you, but as some of you may have seen in the Focus RS thread, I was called upon to detail a new Focus RS; plan being to lay down some decent protection after a thorough decontamination. I thought I'd share some photos with you and my thoughts on...
  9. MrBlonde

    Boot storage Bag/holder

    Looking to get a bag holder of some type to use in the boot to hold some of me detailing bits etc,so whats everyone else using?.i have come across these ones so far. (Not sure if to put in this section or detailing,please amend mods if wrong,thanks)
  10. Scrooge

    CarPro Essence- Actual Unicorn Jizz?!

    This stuff is amazing, I was a bit dubious with the price being so high but I love it. In fact I've used it two saturdays on the trot. Amazing stuff, it really is, goes on well, lasts long even machining in the sun. Adds serious depth and shine, not to mention feels amazing too! Anyway a few...
  11. Jme34

    buy a machine or pay for someone to do it?

    hey all, I like to make my car look shiny :cool: but with the sunshine being out more, I can see minor swirls, but lots of them, in my bonnet a lot more and its causing me a bit of heartache haha. the question being, is it worth investing in a (budget?) machine polisher (80-120 quid) or just...
  12. I

    detailing business set-up

    Hi all, I'm new to this site, how are you all doing? I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as I was thinking of setting a detailing business and I have a few ideas on it. But hey any advice is good and it will all be appreciated. Thanks guys and girls.
  13. D

    RB Cleaning/Detailing Products

    Hi, just bought a RB 197 and was wondering what products would be best for it, I already have Chemical Guys V36 and V38 for the swirls etc. but what glazes and waxes would you guys recommend for it? I've got chemical guys black light already for my previous car, but doubt it would do the same.
  14. P

    Detailing a Fighter Jet.

    Might have a crack at polishing and waxing a Fighter Jet. Yes you heard right a FIGHTER JET :). Anyone fancy helping out ? :)
  15. Breamy

    Getting back into detailing again. Suggestions!

    It's been years since I've done some proper detailing. Picking up an abarth 500 in record grey on Tuesday and would love to keep it looking good! What sort of products should I be looking at? It has diamond cut wheels also, what's best to use on these? Thanks
  16. sparklesTHEpony

    My washing/detailing.. Is this right? +Questions!

    Okay as title, is this the correct way to wash/detail? Also a few questions at the bottom! Pretty new to this so hopefully I'm right and learnt from reading off here and other detailing forums! So here's how I would wash/detail in order. 1. Jet wash: loosen up the dirt, wheels etc. 2...
  17. OL11TAL

    Detailing Kit?

    Just bought an Inferno Orange 182 and it's pitted already. I need a full detailing kit as I have nothing except some microfiber towels. What would you recommend? I guess anything will do the job well enough but may as well get what is recommended & tested.
  18. Sash

    i4detailing closing down?

    Just had an email saying closing down sale :-/ 15% off with code end15. Such a shame if this is the end, no more bubblegum with deliveries!!
  19. W

    Valetting / detailing south Manchester

    Hi guys. My 2006 Saab 9-3 which I use as a daily / workhorse needs a through cleaning. Does anyone know a decent valeter in (south) Manchester? I am not looking for a super premium / super pricey service, I just need a decent inside / out clean, wax & polish and perhaps minor paint correction...
  20. Filters

    Detailing meet + BBQ?

    How do all? I've been wracking the old nogging on how we could have more of a social meet, rather than sitting in our cars blasting down A and B roads with a few breif stops and chats along the way....let's have a day of good food good times and clean rides. So, in light of does...
  21. Gally

    Euro Car Parts Detailing Offers

    @Yellow Dave I think seen this but they're having a good sale on, especially if you have a local branch to avoid delivery etc, I believe there is a coupon code also to put on top of it. Lots of Sonax stuff, ectreme wheel cleaner is a great product and people love the quick detailer...
  22. sprentice

    Need detailing advice!

    So I've just cleaned my car using some halfords shampoo, lambswool mitt and some microfiber cloths, cane up looking nice but I'm sure it could be better! My question is what else should I buy? I was thinking a Polish and wax to shine and protect it, but need some advice as I'm new to detailing...
  23. Mike@Rentech

    what to purchase for detailing

    What do I need to purchase to get my paintwork looking super from this company, 2 mins away from me. Just want to deswirl and seal/polish. Any advise would be appreciated (: I have a s**t loaf of jewel ultra diamond brite products in my...
  24. Chapppers11

    My recent Porsche Centre Cardiff Detailing trips

    Over the last month I've been busy detailing a few Porsches at the Porsche Centre in Cardiff and thought there would be interest from some on here in seeing how they went. First up was this heavily spec'd Mahogany Brown Porsche Cayman S, in need of a single day enhancement detail to liven up...
  25. Chapppers11

    Liquid Yellow and Racing Blue Renaultsport Clio 200 Detailing

    Hi guys, seems it's been a while since my last detailing thread on here and I thought you'd like to see this recent one. I was contacted by the owner in the hope to remove a few nasty scratches from the side of the door on this Clio 200 to avoid a costly respray in Liquid Yellow. Below is...
  26. kieranadams97

    Detailing on a budget

    I have been cleaning cars for years, trying to make a fiver off my neighbours, only since getting my clio and joining this forum have I become aware of the detailing world. However being 17 and having a Saturday job I don't have the biggest budget to run the clio let alone spend £50 on a pot of...
  27. VIICarCare

    Festive detailing

    Hiya guys n gals. Gave the 200 'Donald' a treat with Frost Car Care's range. Epic stuff. :argie: Gave her a good interior clean then gave some loving under the bonnet, to think it came from a main dealer, terrible state! Frost 360 apc & Dressel were used here. I then de badged her, quite like no...
  28. J

    Newbie detailing list

    can anyone give me a list of essential products to keep my car look clean and shiny I'm 17 and I got my car today so I have no idea apart from knowing I need water shampoo 2 buckets and wax haha! Thanks guys
  29. Ethan1996

    Detailing for someone who can't be bothered?

    I got into the whole detailing thing with the Clio and bought a DA, polishes etc until I had so many bottles of stuff and spent so long cleaning the car it was getting a bit annoying! Having just got a new car which is black, I don't particularly want to spend forever cleaning it but don't want...
  30. Bear Head

    General Detailing, Glazes Waxes Polishes HELP :s

    Right haha. Really like cleaning the car and to be fair it's pretty good. Theres a few marks and the odd swirl, and i think next year i shall be investing in a DAS 6 pro or a Rupes but i dont think it's necessary yet. Now i already have the snowfoam and stuff and 2 bucket wash etc. I have also...