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Car eats Lambda sensors

  2001 Clio 172
Had my 172 for a year now, replaced the engine, gearbox, radiator, driveshaft, belts (goes on). One problem that reoccurs is hesitation when throttling. And its usually fixed by replacing the pre cat o2 sensor. For the 4k miles ive put on the car, ive replaced two 02 sensors (bosch). Its back now just a few miles after fitting the new engine. Still idles and runs ok when driven normal but runs rich.

What would cause a car to burn through o2 sensors? Does a race cat affect its lifespan?

Will replacing air temp sensor and crank sensor help with the o2 sensor

Is it wise to replace the spark plug wires and ignition coil (i dont know how old they are at 130k miles)

Throttle body looks clean


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 320d- 172 cup
Are the lambdas protruding to much internally into gas flow area maybe, may be an issue if it's a race cat/modified downpipe