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Car Is Going Into Renault: Advice Needed

  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

My car is booked into Renault on the 2nd, just need some advice. It is going in for 2 things.

Firstly, the passenger side main headlight has got a lot of condensation in it and it hasnt shifted (have had the car for a month now). Do you reckon they will replace the unit altogether or just do a bodge job if such a thing is possible? When i picked the car up from Motorpoint they informed me that the car had already been to Renault to have one of the main headlight bulbs replaced due to a blown bulb, so i am presuming this has caused the condesation they said the bulb cost £150 to be replaced.

Secondly, the glovebox is very poorly fitted in that it has got a big gap on one on side where it meets the dashboard when closing it (towards the middle of the car). And when driving down the road it is knocking on and off the catch (hence the interior light inside the glovebox goes on and off, and it is like Blackpool illuminations in the car at night). Now i think this is probably down to the dodgy mould that the lid has been made in therefore it aint going to be a case of just bending the lid cos it wont, so i think this is going to have to be replaced, i notice that at the bottom of the lid there are pop rivet looking things, so i am hoping that the glovebox lid can be removed easily without having to pull 90% of the dashboard apart.

I think i am going to phone Renault today and ask them if i can bring the car down to confirm if parts are going to have to be ordered in advance of the car being seen to on the 2nd. Just wanted to see what ppl thought of the two issues.

Gaz 2130


Have you got your V5 yet? (I know you got yours about the same time as me). I want to take mine to Renault for warranty work, but heard that you need a V5 to do that, and mine hasnt turned up yet.

Re: your condensation. I thought that it should disappear when the light gets turned on, and if it doesnt then something is up - I reckon youre right to query.

Mine is having to go in because my ABS, SERV and ESP lights all keep coming on while driving. Happens a few times per week and is getting annoying. Aside from that I have extremely squeaky brakes - both when braking and when crawling in traffic. A rattly passenger seat headrest that doesnt fit in flush, a clicky steering wheel, and lots of annoying rattles - I know its French, but its a month old and has more rattles than my Punto GT Turbo had and that was 6 years old.
  2012 WRX Waggon


My new 172 has condensation in the N/S headlamp unit - I though it would go away, but its still there a week later on - I will be bouncing mine back to Renault Manchester - Let me know how u get on with the headlamp bit.

My glove box is OK, but to be honest feels like it was made from recycled chip trays - very cheap feelin

I also get a clunk from the brakes when pulling off, think this is just the pads sticking. Sometimes I get a very soft knock, when I put it in first from neutral, even with the clutch fully depressed.

Other than that AOK (so far)
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

no mate i havent had my V5 yet, i was going to Phone Motorpoint and go mad but i know they will just say well its 3 - 5 weeks and has only been 4. But i know full well that i aint gonna get it for ages because i wouldnt even be surprised if they havent even sent for it yet. Im waiting for it to put my private plate on the car too. I wouldnt worry about the warranty though mate, mine has already been into Renault Liverpool once when it had only done 300 miles to have a load of work done, took 4 hours and they just smiled and said heres your car key Mr Camp. Infact even with my old UK clio they never ever asked to see the vehicles V5.

I would have thought the condensation would have shifted if i went for a long drive at night with the lights on (heat) but it hasnt made any difference and looks really bad on the car. I dont get any of the lights on the dials coming on though mate, and my passenger seat seems fine, i must admit though the drivers seat seems a bit loose, tends to rock back and forth a but when i move (dont know if this is because its height adjustable). I too get a lot of annoying rattles (especially the steering wheel one which tends to come and go from time to time). Im not too bothered though as i am going to be pulling most things apart to wire the navigation soon so i will sort everything out then.

  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

i sometimes get two loud clunking noises when moving off first thing in the morning didnt know what it was. Also sometimes, when i turn the car to the right fairly quickly (going round a corner or turning in the street) i hear a scraping noise (like metal on metal???).

Hi Gaz, I took my car in under warranty to have the trip computer looked at and my glove box lid was also fitted poorly. You only need to give Renault your chassis number in order for them to carry out the warranty work.

They fitted a spacer kit to my glovebox to even up the gap and this seemed to do the job.

They are waiting for a wiring diagram before they can fix my trip computer.

By the way-it does say in the handbook that if you see condensation in the headlights that this is perfectly normal due to the temperature difference in the headlamp when the lights are on and off, so dont be too surprised if renault dont really want to try to fix this!

hope this helps,
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

thanks BUNGY, keep me informed about the trip computer please mate! (mine still needs doing), and yes it is quite normal to see condensation in the lights when they are new (as the other one had some, but this should go completely like the other light has). But the passenger side one has got worse and has been there for a whole month now, so i am b*ggered if they try to turn around and say there is nothing they can do!

Glad its not just me with the rattles and clicky steering wheel! I also get the early morning cluck, but I just attributed it to rear discs sticking overnight. My Punto used to do it - in fact once they froze on and I had to stand on the driveway at 6am with a hairdryer on an extension lead to unfreeze them - I really got some funny looks.

Ill just give Renault a call and book it in then if you dont need the V5. I guess they cant refuse to do work (it could be serious) just because you dont have a piece of paper that doesnt actually prove much.

I too was going to phone my supplier and ask, but theyd say the same - I think its up to 6 weeks, and then youve got the Christmas post. I wouldnt trust mine either, as they lied to me throughout the whole process. I bought a car that wasnt actually here yet even though they said it was. They just made an obstacle at every opportunity to delay (insurance not turned up, then when it did it had the chassis number wrong even though thats what they gave to me, then the replacement was illegible apparently, then blamed the finance people etc etc etc........then all of a sudden they had everything and had the car to me within a day. Very dodgy! They even had the nerve to make up a registration plate when I put them on the spot and said "if youve registered it, tell me the reg number" - when the car turned up it had a completely different number!! Oh well......for the saving it was worth it!
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

sounds a very similar story to mine mike, but unfortunately after all the trouble the saving is actually not that good, i soon found out that i could get a brand new UK one from renault for £12,995 and im not talking about the cup! I would however had to have waited longer again which i wasnt prepared to do.


I take it thats just what your local dealer would have let one go for? My dealer said that the list had just come down to £14495 but was honest and said that its because they took the CD changer off the list. Without me even asking he said hed knock that to £13995. I told him how much I could get an import for and he said there was no way theyd match (£12300 OTR) but that he might be able to knock a bit more off the price. Then gave me the "imports are bad news" story and how the residuals on them are awful and that no-one will touch them etc etc. I asked what incentive I had to pay £1500 odd more and all he could come up with was peace of mind and tried the old 3 year warranty spiel, even though thats not true any more.

Had they knocked it to £12995 I would have paid the extra for sure. What did you get yours OTR for? I phoned Motorpoint (Derby) but they didnt have any black or blue ones in stock so I went in search elsewhere.

Did you ever get your aluminium dash surrounds sorted?
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

mine was £12,300 too, that £12,995 was from Renault Liverpool, he quite simply just knocked £1500 off when i said i was looking at an import and had no car to trade in. The dials in mine are just the plain black ones but they dont look that bad actually and im not paying in excess of £400 to change them.

Sounds like they just put the wrong surround in from the factory. Ive got the aluminium effect ones, but to be honest, theyre nothing special - I doubt its real aluminium!


  Shiny red R32

Regarding condensation in the headlight unit, if you look in the manual, it says that this is to be expected, but it disappears when the lights are turned on. Mine are usually a bit misty when the air is damp, but when it is dry, so are the light units. The whole thing isnt sealed up, so condensation is bound to appear from time to time. It does evaporate though.
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

GirlRacer!!!! I know, I Know, I Know!, but i am telling you this is not normal and quite franky looks awful! its a big patch all the way across the lower front of the light and doesnt ever shift. There was and is from time to time some in the other light which goes almost straight away and is rarely there.