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Car loses all electrical power, slamming door makes it come back

  Clio 172
Right bit of a weird one!

Car has done this twice now. I unlock the car, jump in, stick the key in the ignition and stick it to second place. All normal here, all normal lights come on, nothin weird.

Now soon as I turn the key to start it, everything dies, no click, nothing. After that there is no power, simple enough right? Must be a dead battery.

BUT, if u slam the drivers side door, everything comes back on? Obviously until I try to start gain and it dies. Keep doing that and eventually it will start.

Any ideas peeps? I presume something is loose, but don't even know where to start
Something is defiantly loose mate. I would start at the earth strap making sure that's not come loose? Possibly even the battery is old and its on its way out check it with a Volt Meter to check it has Juice (12 - 13V will suffice)
  Clio 172
Where abouts is the earth strap mate? Never had to look at it before! I did notice the negative on the gearbox isn't done up/won't do up tight enough, but IIRC wiggling that didn't fix it not cause it! Will test the battery when I'm joe