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Car mats

After a couple of days of constant driving Ive just taken the paper out from the footwells of my brand new car and discovered that there are no mats!

Are there any good Clio 172 mats I could get? Guess asking for Cup ones would be far too much to ask?

My dealer is as tight as a ducks arse so wont dish any out!

took delivery of mine on wednesday, very pleasd with it.. they threw in some mats cause of the delay with the delivery.. theyre nothing fancy but i quite like em, theyre not sport mats, just grey carpet ones with clio embroidered on them.. im really not that arsed so long as it stops you getting sh*t all over the carpet and wearing holes in things....


im glad someone put this thread on here, ive been meaning to get a set of mats for ages and was gonna get them from autostyle, i was just about to order them and noticed there is an option there for putting logos and that on there ie 16v etc but it says you can send your own ones in, dont no if anyone fancies any of these, maybe if we order a batch of them we would get some sort of discount.

cheers for all the replies.

Am ordering some with just 172Cup on them.

Missus is paying as an early xmas present! Result...;)

I ordered some mats from Autostyle a few years back for my fiesta zetec s, they were very good. I had an embroided Zetec S logo on them and aluminium heel plates and they looked class. They do a number of different logos, i didnt know that you could actually do custom logos though

just sent them an email asking about cost and whether they can put the logo on there, let you no when i hear something back

my missus had them in her GTT, and she thought they were nice, but the drivers mat kept coming away ffrom the fixing, so in the end she stuck them down with velcro.......that worked!!!

right heres the latest

Good morning,

I would be happy to take a look at this Logo and see if we can replicate it hear in Autostyle, I would also consider a Discount for larger numbers of mats ordered.

Kind Regards,

Oliver Thurston

Autostyle Administrator

so what logo shall i send him!!!!! let me no asap



Sign me up mate. Ive just got some but they were cheapies.

Surely just the Cliosport logo as then they can be used in Everyones cars?

Lets put this up a flagpole and see who salutes it?

I got 172 mats thrown in same colour as car trim and ordered another set of the 172 cup badges from the doors - gonna custome fit them to the fits somewhere.....!

yeah whateva, i sent them one like that this morning so they can see whether it can be used, but depends on what other people think.

Well Im in as think thats a great idea. At least then it wont be only 172s that can order them!

Keep this one on your radar Nev16v and of course keep me in the loop.
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for the right price id also be interested, my mats are doin my head in they now slide all over the place

need more people, come on you no you all want one, they will look the dogs, god i sound like dell boy or something,

perhaps you could strike a deal with cliosport. offering car mat merchandise.

but be quick, because im a pay check away from ordering my justmatz

na you no you want these ones, give me a few days to see what autostyle say bout the logos then i will find out how much there gonna cost etc.

Well Im definately interested. Im sure if you get some prices and possible pics then they will sell like hotcakes.

Theyll all be lapping them up like little kittens...

thats it keep them coming

pete they do loads of colours, bindings and styles, but im not sure yet if we oonly get one choice if they do a batcj or what, waintign for them to reply to me, so i will keep ya all posted

black mats with white/silver cliosport font, same colour bars underneath.

If thats whats being ordered then it sounds good to me!

Dont all clio phases take differing sizes?

let me know.


b****cks just recieved mine from Autostyle this morning with 172 sport on them. They are pretty good but ordered them in blue which I thought would be dark but is actually very bright! Anyway would have been very interested especially if you could have got a discount. Cost me best part of £80!!
  BMW 320d Sport

First off, I have had a set of blue Autostyle mats with yellow piping and the yellow 16v logo on, since last year, and they are quality. Just expensive though.

The idea of Cliosport mats is a good one, whoevers started the ball rolling on this, can you email me"> with the details of who youve been onto at Autostyle and Ill see what kind of deal we can come up with for you members. I doubt wed be able to stock them as a club merchandise item, purely because of the cost, but we should be able to negotiate some sort of discount with our own logo, then members can just ring up and order them direct from Autostyle.

i too would like some mats, dependant on cost, but i have a phase one clio..............are we going for the silver writing with the coloured stripes underneath??