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Car parking Dent!

  Clio 172
Some utter a-hole has put a nice big dent in the passenger side door of my car! I know the car that has done it but have no way of proving it because unfortunately there is no CCTV covering that part of the work carpark. Utterly fuming about it. Noticed it today on my lunch and I checked the car that I parked next to this morning and its had the dirt rubbed off the drivers door around the impact area. They have clearly bashed my car and then rubbed off the dirt to check their own door for damage. The fact they haven't even attempted to say sorry really bothers me as well. A note on the windscreen I wouldn't be so raging, but just walking off and moving your car is pretty f**king low!

I remember when I was at uni we were played football in the SU beer garden, a stray shot took the mirror clean off a car in the car park, we left them £90 in an envelope on the windscreen to have it all sorted. Common Decency seems to have died along with Common Sense now though! :mad: