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Car Pc:-)

today was the day i made / fitted my car pc :)
its a itx - M10000 :) got the hole fing working fine off the car battery i will post some pictures later:) just one lil problem the screen resolution's dont go below 800 By 600 pixels and its rather blurry/ and small how can i get this to go lower then 800 by 600 to make it larger :)

if the mod's think this should go in Tech Place Please move ;)
thanks in advance
  Polo + Micra
right click desktop

properties then settings tab

then advanced button then monitor tab
Dink said:
right click desktop

properties then settings tab

then advanced button then monitor tab

Thanks Done that :) Also changed some settins to make icons Text/ Windows box/ mouse fonts a bit bigger but still websites have small fonts ummm. i changed the front on IE up to LARGE but that only works on some sites
Aaah this thread has screwed my eyes up, i read it, went back to the main page and the font seemed incredibly small.
Here is a Picture of my Screen :) as you can see i have got most the icons large. but if you look at the things with red over them
how do i make them bigger?? ( the font might look big but on the screen in car it looks perfect size (normal ))


  • Car Pc.JPG
    Car Pc.JPG
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heres another pic
i would like to get the font around 4 times bigger

(mod needs to move this to tech chat ;) )


  • Car Pc 1 .JPG
    Car Pc 1 .JPG
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  Clio 172mk2
set a disabilty option ? ?

as for the blury are u using a tv out signal and not a vga

as a tv screen will hate standing images , if u play a movie it will look clear.

only way round it is to get a screen that supports a proper pc output

to make general web text bigger goto view text size and pick a bigger one
Its not using VgA its using Rca and making the font and stuff bigger has sorted that and its no AS blurry :) so its ok disability option ?? just had a look but cant see what to change ??
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I did this a few years back, and you do need a VGA screen to do it properly.. then you can see text properly.

Just so have it, that I have mine in the loft.. wanna buy it? 7" VGA Widescreen ;)
yer i got told that :'(
but the picture on the Screens now. is near perfert dont looked blurryed atall now just acouple of small bits

prob could make a vb program to make all the text readable
just found a couple of pictures of it One is when i was making it :) notice the Cd rom on top :) the mother board is smaller then the cd rom ;):p
another one of it in the car :)


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will.clio said:
how do you use the internet in your car? looks like an awesome lil setup you got there

Wifi card ( with antena on the roof ) and a program on my pc running all the time that searchs for 'Legal' ;) access points (routers) To connect to.:)