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Car Rejection

Has anyone here rejected thier car before? Mine has done 3500 miles and has been in the dealers more times than I care to remember. I was just wondering what the rules were on this?

Any advice would be appreciated....

me too

i had a replacement

had the car for three months and 2 of them months it was at reno

got a replacement in the end, but it helped when a mate sold you the car works for reno

touch wood not one thing wrong with the replacement


My mum recently rejected her Clio dCi (not a bad motor actually!) after a load of failed attempts to correct bodywork problems. Renault and the dealers were more than apologetic and we had no hassles rejecting it. Do a search on the internet - I think its all covered by the sale of goods act and basically your car (like anything else you buy) has to be of sufficient quality which is defined in a number of ways - amongst which is bodywork condition... Things go particularly in your favour if you have let the dealer attempt to fix a problem yet they have been unsuccessful - if you dont let them try then I think youre classed as obstructive and they tend to get a bit arsey with you...

Have you got any major problems, or are there lots of little problems?



I rejected the car within 2 weeks, so Im not sure where you stand in your situation. I drove it until around 3000 miles until I garaged it, while they pissed me about. A couple of letters threatening legal action seemed to do the trick in our case!

What exactly are your problems?

assuming your car is fixed and they have sorted all problems. you cant really reject the car. however if the problems continue just drop the keys into renault and threaten legal action and say youll go to ever paper in the land. usualy does the trick

This is the last list that Leeds had on wednesday:

Faults still occurring since last visit:

· Steering Wheel Rattle. This has got worse. Just turn it lock to lock and you will hear it squeaking now. Why can this not be cured?

· Driver’s seat creaks and squeaks. This really needs fixing now. Both Reg Vardy and yourselves have tried this and have not cured it at all. If nothing can be done I would at least expect a new seat base or failing that a new seat.

· Steering column still rattles through the rev range (usually about 3000 RPM). Again an ongoing problem that no one seems able to cure???

New Faults since last visit:

· There is a rattle from the N/S/F suspension when setting off over bumps.

· When going round a corner over bumps at over 20 MPH, there is a dull thud from the front suspension area (Usually the side that is not taking the load). This sounds like the anti-roll bar bushes?

o Please bear in mind that I have already had the O/S/F top suspension bush replaced because it had collapsed…

· Rattle from CD changer ‘area’ under passenger seat.

· Total loss of power from car in second gear. After setting off in 1st gear with a ¼ on the temp gauge, I changed into 2nd and pressed the accelerator ¾ of the way down. As revs progressed, the car suddenly died as if it had lost all it’s petrol, no sooner had this happened, then it regained power and continued normally. This has only happened once…

· Drivers Seat is lose at the base (rocking back and forth)

Items to be replaced /fixed this visit:

· New Dashboard top.

· New airflow sensor.

· New rear spoiler – including touching up both inner rear ¼ panels.

· Touch-up front lip of bonnet.

· Touch up O/S roof above corner of door

After collecting my car on Friday, I have since discovered that the dash has not been replaced! The old one had a scrape on it where Reg Vardy in Sheffield took it off, that scrape is still there...OOPS!

I have an email in with Mathew at Renault UK and he is supposed to be calling me back tomorrow to discuss the problems, Lets see what he has to say!

Id be very very surprised if he phoned you back tomorrow.

The usual Renault tactics are to tell you that they will get back to you, when in fact they dont and just hope that you will go away!

Its no use complaining to Renault, you really need to go to Trading Standards or if your really serious get a solicitor to write a threatening letter!

Teady - dont bother with an R32. Its just a luxo-barge cruiser. Not a hot hatch at all!

Sorry for wandering "off topic"!;)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I had major problems with a Pug 206 before the Clio. The bodywork had white overspray (The car was black) it had a dent in the front wheel arch etc etc etc. This car was brand new and had passed the PDI somehow !

I went back to them 4 or 5 times rejecting the car. In the end I said I wanted a full refund and they told me there where not in a position to do that, so I said to them see ya in court.

I then got a friend who happened to be a solicitor down the road to write them a nice little letter and funny enough the day they got it I recieved a phone call saying to come and collect the cheque for the car.

Course of action you should take now.

Phone head office to complain and tell them you now want you money back.

Swat up on "Statutory Rights" I did and you can reject the item in contention upto anything like two years or so. Say to the garage you require your money back under the satutory rights act, (Item is not fit for the job etc) , if you get no joy threaten them with court action and be prepared to get a solicitors letter ready to send them.

Above all DONT BACK DOWN they will fold in eventually but keep the pressure up as your Statutory Rights are a very powerful thing.

Thanks everyone. I will call the garage. Only trouble is my car is an import, I hope that dont cause any problems....Non-Franchised dealer etc, etc....:confused:
  Subaru Forrester

I didnt reject my car but got a full respray from the dealer 7 months after first complaining.

Previous posts are right, dealers and Renault UK will say theyll call you and they hope you go away - just keep bugging them and they will fold.

Keep at them and dont give in.