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Carbon Fibre 172 parts

Many of you will have seen my other post re. carbon fibre engine covers for the Mk2 172.

What are the top 3 items youd like made in carbon fibre for the Mk2 172? If I can get 5 people for any one part Ill do my best to get it made, and for a decent price!
  320d M Sport

I know its off topic, but if someone could do a Chrome Rocker cover Id get one for sure!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Could they do a bonnet with a nice power bulge, a la 16v? The current bonnet weighs a ton and adds nothing to the car apart from keeping the engine dry.

OOOooohhh nice one Mike, yeah a bonnet would be a good weight saving one :) So, how much would a bonnet cost then? :eek:

Mike,, the current bonnet saves yer life, yer wife, yer kids etc..

it as strngthened to conform to the new stricter standards and incorporates bend locks (locaters to allow for defromation)

Your choice !



Joe - :( Dont really wana lose loadsa helpful crash protection..... how easy (quick) is it to change the bonnet? maybe have one for 1/4 milen ???
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Wow! Good call Capt. OK How about a lower grille with a hole just the right size for a Viper ram scoop????

Keep the ideas coming!

A bonnet is entirely feasible, if someone wants to donate a spare?! It wont be cheap though and, as Joe says, will compromise safety...

A lower grille? Kinda tricky to make mesh/grilles in carbon...the parts really need to flat/curved and not too complex...