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Cars you have had, cars you wanna have

Well... as it says really, what cars have you had, n what you wanna get next?

I started with a nasty Mark 3 escort that was just a discrace. Then an orion which wasnt that bad till some one in a Galaxy decided to write it off for me by driving on the wrong side of the road. Then a Mark 2 Fiat uno Turbo (loved that car) i lost it on a round about on ice and wrote it off. Then a Nova GTE whic i did loads of work to. Now the Clio Turbo.

Next i will eiteher get a brand new pug 206cc or maybe an evo 5-6 if funds permit. But im also building another nova in my spare time.
  mk2 172

do a search for this one mate, this question been done a few times! some interesting discoveries



  Shiny red R32


Think The Evo is more a lads car, the 206cc is a bit of a womans car! Pretty common round here, and all driven by middle-aged females, never seen a bloke in any of them.

spose both of them would actually work better than the clio, allthough the girls round hear tend to like cars with dump valves. n you dont get mayn clios wiv them! lol

Good job i got my boyish looks and charm to get me the ladies! ;)

Ive had a golf gti mk2 16v and then a saxo vtr modified and then the clio 172 mk1.

definitely on the way up hoping for an r33 gtr next should a deal im working on come through ;)

Get the EVO mate, my girlfriends parents have a CC, they are nothing special at all...

I started with a Metro, then fiesta 1.4, then clio 16v now mk1 car...hmmmm.....TVR Tuscan will be my next I hope, waiting for prices to dip under 25k, they are around 27k at moment, so in a year or two.....did think of EVO 5 or 6 but the insurance and running costs are so huge....V6 would be cool but dont really wanna spend over 20k on a clio thats not got much more poke than my 172....Tuscan though.......yum

Ive had (and still got) my 1.2 Clio. Gonna be getting a Saph Cossie early next year when the weather picks up again. Im going to keep the Clio though, and in the long run look to either put a GT Turbo engine in or a 1.7 Volvo turbo engine in, but keep whatever I put in fairly standard for economy and reliability reasons!


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  Golf GTi DSG

First car I had was a old VW Polo, them estate type things. It was really slow but fun! Every corner you went round the back end would just slide out!

2nd car is my current, Clio 1.4RT which I love! Just finished polishing her.

Next cars gonna be either a mk2 172 or Cup. Was thinking about a CTR but its just too expensive for basically the same performance as a Cup/172.

Why buy a 206cc though! There proper hairdressers cars. Now an Evo, thats a mans car! grrrr!!!!!

First care was a dog of a 205 diesel 100k on the clock when i got it, then i got a TVR S1 wich was/is fantastic, i still have it but its in bits in a barn waiting for me to reassemble! get a 172 cup at the end of the month!!! Would like a Cerbera 4.5 as they are bloody quick

Had my old 1.2 Clio since it was new in 1995. Sold it in 2001 when I realised that I was better having a real 16v than (expensively) creating a replica.

Never had any other cars myslef - but have driven my mums old 1995 Clio Bacarra, Volvo S40 turbo, Volvo 340 1.4 (!!!) and Volvo 960 3.0 auto (v. fast RWD machine!).

Want to keep my 16v for ever. Also want a mint GT Turbo, Williams and V6.

Glad to see you guys had crap cars to start with aswell......hmmmm mini mayfair,what fond memories(especially when i got the 1340 oselli engine and box out of the trader,taught a few old farts in cossie saphs a fing or too).

then moved to oz. had a holden commodore(vaux senator) 5.0 v8.biggest pile of crap.awesome in straight line in the dry but show it a corner(wet or dry).............f**king forget it.

still miss my 90 gti golf.......awesome car!

but ive seen the light after my sisters r5 raider,hello 172.

cant wait to see the megane 2 sport(172 engine with supercharger.......apperantly).hmmmmmmm chip it,change the pulley and filter/zorst...could be interesting.

Had: Golf Gti Mk1 heheh cheapest pocket rocket ever!

Lancia Delta Integrale Evo1 not the cheapest! But insanely quick

Cup 172 less rattles and trips to the garage but still as much fun

Want to have: Nissan Skyline GTR34 V-Spec, TVR Tamora, Lancia S4 Stradale, Lancia Zagato Hyena, Audi S3 could go on and on!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

1st car: Fiesta 1.0 4 speed... Still have it today, but as a 2.0 16v ;):D

2nd car: Orion 1.4 Quartz (used as runaround)

3rd car: Williams 2. Still have

4th car: Fiesta 1.3 Ghia... shared with parents. still have

Want: Loads lol. Escy Cossie, Evo6, Merc SL55AMG, Focus RS, Clio V6

Started out with a Rover V8, then a Citroen BX17 Diesel. After that, things started to roll, I bought a Renault 19 16v and modified it until it was undriveable. So I bought a Corrado VR6 which blew up in four days, and then another VR6 that was a gem.

Then I bought a Subaru Impreza Turbo with some Prodrive bits on it, and that was a FINE car...

But then I decided I wanted to spend even more money and imported myself a Lancer Evolution 6 GSR, which I also modified mildly. After which I thought that I had had enough of 15 mpg and servicing every 4500 miles, so I bought a 306 Rallye, which was superb fun, more so than the EVO in many ways.

Wife took that one over and I purchased a Honda Integra Type-R and a Caterham 7 HPC race car, and had fun in both.

And here I am, with my 13 grand Clio Cup, which is also great fun. And economical.

Future? Who knows.:)

First car was a Pug 205 GR 1.4 (in red), then a new renault 19 1.4 RN followed a year later by a Ren 19 16v followed 4 yrs later by a Pug 306 GTi-6 and less than a year later by another Pug 306 GTi-6 (excellent cars ;)) and inbetween i also owned a 309 GTi and a Ren 19 1.7 gtx, then eventually got rid of the Pug after everyone whinged that its quite hard to get into the back of a 3 door car so i bought the scoob, 2.5 years and nearly 50bhp later ive still got her.

Next car..... hmmmm Harveys monster 417bhp STi6 wagon looks good but i doubt if hell sell it lol! but wouldnt mind an S202 if you twist my arm a little ;)


First car is my current car - My Clio. Dream car HAS to be Subaru Impreza... P1 or the brand new shape WRX STi.


Had a fiesta1.1LX as my first, then got an RT(which ive still got) and finally got myself a mint naples red valver with leather.

Would love to have; Sierra RS500 cossie, 2000 Steeda Mustang SVT cobra R, 69 camero....something V8 and american for definate but im only 19 so a few years yet.


First was a mk2 Golf Gti - four up with golf clubs and still 120mph.

Second was a 16v mk2 Golf Gti - same but at 140mph.

Then I got introduced to turbo charged chariots. I has a white Subaru Legacy Turbo with chip (248 bhp and 155+ mph - wow the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing). Gave M3/944/XJ-S big frights.

Since then Ive had a twin turbo Mazda RX-7 (written off after only seven weeks - but what a beatiful car - used to drive down Princes St here in Edinburgh with the every looking at it).

I dropped down to a Puma after the crash.

But now building it up again, with the 172 & 200sx.

In the future would love a Skyline and spend lots tuning it up, but right now Im working in telecoms and if youve been watching the news people are being laid off right, left and centre - so the Skylines a long term project.