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Caught by the short and curlies!

Someone I know :oops: got caught yesterday for speeding 34mph :cry: above the limit in a Clio. The occifer concerned issued a £60 fixed penalty notice and alluded to the fact that a few more mph was ban territory. I thought that 30mph+ above the speed limit was an autobahn(!). Anyone know for sure whats what and how many points get issued.

P.S. Does anyone know where one can get a Bel 550 cheap?



I think that the "someone you know" was very lucky.

When I was nicked some years back I was only doing 26 MPH over the limit, and that meant I had to go and grovel to the Magistrates.

Years ago I was told that anything 30mph or more above the posted limit was instant ban territory, but this may be poppycock. Ill have to ask my policeman mate (but hes on holiday and Im still waiting for him to answer my question about the correct wearing of uniform & number of officers required issues that were discussed here a couple of weeks back).

I think its still 3 pionts for a fixed penalty ticket.

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Stubod, what he means is that he was going 34mph OVER the limit, say in a 30 he would be going 64

i didnt know anything about a 30mph over the limit ban, but i hear 100mph could mean an instant ban

Yeah, I know I was lucky :oops:

A previous indiscretion when I was 33mph over meant I had to grovel to the Courts too and they allowed me to escape with 4pp on an SP50, although I felt better when I saw the jokers in the cases before me with stuff like repeat DDers and guys with "no nothing".... still it was a fair cop and the least I could expect - both times.


If he gave you a ticket its 3ppts and a £60 fine, if he put you in the book it really does depend on when you go to court weather or not the magistrate(s) are anti speed.

I think that person got off lightly. I got caught 3 years ago on the most un-busiest road in the world doing 56 in a 30. I got 6 points and £160 fine and i thought i got off lightly.

Saying that the guy in court before me had been caught driving a car with no tax, no MOT and No Insurance. He had a suspeded license due to driving without the above from previous time. He only got 6 points and £160 fine. Wheres the justice in that?

My understnding of the law is that if you are doing more than twice the limit i.e. more than 60 in a 30 then it goes to court (which happened to me) but no automatic ban. Automatic ban if doing more than 100.

i shot past a copper the other night at almost 70 in a 30... by the time i noticed him i thought there wasnt no point in trying to slow down... my mate who was behind me anchored on and slowed... the copper just sat and watch me go pass regardless.... even my mate couldnt beleive he didnt give chase!!
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2 friends of mine on 2 different occaisions evaded being stopped by the police by out running them! the first mate was driving quite quickly and sideways when the police was coming from the other direction and turned around with his blue lights on, my friend booted it and was off! the second was due to my mate going through a orange/red light and a police car followed and as we turned around a roudabout he came the opposite direction (same way wed come) flashing us with his lights and had his blue lights on. My friend booted it and escaped to the motorway with the police Astra giving chase. Luckily wed got a good head start on him and just saw his lights in the distance trying to catch up to no avail. Exciting stuff. Something id never contemplate doing!