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  182, turbo rx8, 911

The misses has a huge CD collection so I've bought her an iPOD. Appreciate it's going to be an arduous task lol. Whats the best software to rip them all into albums, obviously I'll need to then transfer it all to the iPOD. Just itunes?
  Dirty E91
iPod = iTunes, simples!
Rip them in iTunes plug your iPod in and it will automatically synch.
I'd be tempted to just download them (would be quicker) seeing as you own the original CD already I wouldn't think it would be illegal. The end result is the same you'll have the original CD + Digital Copy.
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lol sorry that looked a bit harsh...

Downloading etc is a ballache compared to simply putting the disc in and clicking a button. Unless you are downloading via iTunes but that then means paying for them again.