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Cd player fitting help

  Renault Clio
Hey i just bought a Beat 550 Dvd player for my clio but i have a couple of issues fitting it hopefully you guys can help.

1. The aerial wire doesn't connect looks like i need some sort of adapter?
2. Theres 2 black boxes on the back which all the wires go to etc. One of them has 8 wires and that connects fine to the one on the cd player. The other one has 6 with 2 empty slots, however there are 4 in a square and one to the top right then the other wire is on the far top right so it doesn't connect to the cd player. Can the wire be moved?

Edit: heres an awesome diagram of what i mean :D

Pretty sure that red one is the ignition which would explain why it doesnt start when i start the car?

Sorry that sounds completely noobish if you can make sense of that id really appreciate any help.

  Renault Clio
Cheers for the quick reply mate, i tried pulling the wire out but it won't budge :( don't really want to pull it to hard in case it snaps or something lol, i'll try it again though.
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.
They are cliped in and you'll need to insert a small screwdriver or something along those lines, into the slot in order for it to come out.