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CDA-9853R query

  Clio 172 Mk2

Hi all, wondered if you can help me. Is the below headset any good?

Also I am a bit confused about the adapter to get, iv got a 51 plate. i was reading another thread, and some guy got a Clio adapter, but it never fitted, so he had to get a Megane one?

The adapters are below, can someone tell me what one to get?

Also will the standard cd changer work with it? as both of them are alpine units?

ta chaps


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both adapters are needed to make it work... awsome head unit, but the changer wont work with it unfortuately.

you need to look under "steering controls" for the adapters, not fitting adapters.

i bought mine from the same place.
  Clio 172 Mk2

my god that was a quick reply............. thanks :)

do you know if its the same for a Mk2 172 ?

Whats the USC adapter? is that for the LED screen on the dash?


the usc adapter is the Alpine bit, that tells the car what stereo it is, which plugs into the other adapter. This makes the steering controls and the display work.

yes, its the same adapters for your car, mine is manufactured in the same year.
  Clio 172 Mk2

another quick question!

How would you install the steering stalk adapter? do you just need to remove the dash board round it? or do you just put everything at the back of the headunit?

you have to squash everything into the cavity behind the head unit.

its a bloody tight fit getting it all in there and leaving enough breathing space for the fan at the back of the unit.
  Clio 172 Mk2

I cant seem to find


on the web site, I can find 28 though (the wrong one)

Sorry to be a pain :)

Where abouts is it in the site?

i couldnt find it on the site... i orginally ordered the one that said it worked, however i had to send it back.

They sent me a 29-001 as a replacement, which isnt on their site. This one works fine.

Maybe phone them up and order it over the phone? must be a new adapter.
  Clio 172 Mk2

Thanks for your help,

I have just fitted in the unit, I took a gamble and ordered that adapter on their web site (the wrong one) but they sent me the 29-001 instead, tried to find it on the web before but they said that the 28 version was the latest one, I couldnt find nothing about the 29 version. God knows whats happened there

Took a while to fit it tho, im impressed with the sound quailty, but i think the menus are a bit crappy (or im just not used to them yet!)

Thanks Fubar

cool, no problems...

when I had to send the wrong adapter back, i phoned them and recommended that they tell future customers that they are advertising the wrong adapter, and should be sending the 29-001.

It seems they listened to me :)

glad youre happy, and yeah the menus do get a bit annoying, but once its set up you dont need to change anythin really.