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Central Locking

right, for some reason my central locking has started playing up in the last few days.

It still locks and unlocks ok but when i press the button on the remote to unlock it, the button on the interior of the door pops up like its supposed to but then 2 seconds later it drops down half the way again.

So unless you pull the handle on the outside of the door during those two seconds the door locks itself again and you have to lock it and unlock it again.

~Anyone any ideas?
check for any signs of water leakage from the sunroof into the sensor, its what mine died of
mines still working fine though, i think its more something to do with the mechanism in the door as the lock pops up like its supposed to but then drops half way down relocking the door
sounds like the mechanism playing up - although, if there is water egress into the circuitry it may cause the central locking comp to play up - best bet is a quick run to Renault to see if its a common problem im afraid