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Centre Cap😡

  Clio RS200,Impreza
Hello Folks,
I have lost one of my centre caps from my alloys. They are just the standard ones with the Renault logo and my wheels i think are called Speedline Turinis,17 inch. The diametre for the cap seems to be 56-57 mm. Woukd anyone have a set to sell,or just one or two? I looked online and i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when i saw the price of genuine new ones!!! Even if someone could direct me to a company they know,i’d maybe put others on instead.


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  Clio RS200,Impreza
Ah,Right enough. Original invoice for car purchase says Speedlines,not Turinis. The ones suggested by jenic are close but mine don’t have the lip round the edge. I got mine painted white but i fancy red this time to match the callipers. I didn’t expect them to be £30 odd each. I’m certain i saw a set on ebay,must be a typo error,a grand was the price!!! Mr Iranian Pudding,you think you have the right ones? If not,might be time for a change…….


  Clio 200
I had the same problem but with the standard year 2010 Clio200 wheels.
I lost one from the near side rear.
I found a seller on eBay. 4x black centre caps for £8.99
EBay seller: beerclub-ltd

I fitted them today and look ok, time will tell if they are any good.