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Changed thermostat, now intermittent heaters?

Hi peeps I've changed the thermostat in my car and it all bled up well etc. Used it for work this morning and heaters best they've been since I've owned it.

Finished work and on the way home couldn't get the heaters warm but the car didn't overheat or go past halfway on the temperature gauge. Any ideas? Thanks


ClioSport Club Member
  S/C Iceberg 172 Cup
Did you bleed it from the bolt on the thermostat?


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah sounds like an air bubble has made its way to your heater matrix.
It should sort itself out over time. Usually driving over hills will sort it
Just to update this, heaters work fine now however if you choose to have them off completely from cold then say activate them when the engine is warmer the blowers still blow cold. Everything else works fine so wondering is there some sort of valve controlling this part of it that's perhaps faulty?


ClioSport Club Member
Are you sure that isn't the climate control cog causing that? When there is air pressure on it while driving it can slip and fail to change the blowers intake position