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Changin the Rear Drum pads on the clio

is this an easy job i know i need new drum pads on the back as there Scratchin ive had them off and looked. just wana know if theres any major things i need to be aware of b4 i start takin it apart.

its off a 51 plate clio, Mk2 phase 3 i think it is.
Arr there a pain to do nothng much to look out for if you've ever done drums before you'll know what to do I might write a guid when I change mine again next weekend. Just remember the clips are a pain to do and take a picture of how there put together before you stip them down.
Just remember to clean the drum as well and the best way to put them back together IMO is to put the lower spring on and joint them up before putting the top spring on. (It will make sence when you try put the pads on).

Your cars a Mk2 phase 2 BTW.