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changing the seats in a 172


  Audi TT Stronic

I dont think anyone has for 2 reasons, 1 it will invalidate the warranty and 2 the seat has the pretesioner wiring and side airbags intergrated into it.

I believe someone did so in their Cup - there was a thread about it with some photos. Couldnt remember who it was though.....

Mike, I soooo want those seats in mine, would save a sh*tload on the weight of the car, these front seats must weight a ton (well ok, 10s of Kgs)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah they would be nice eh? £650 I believe, and presumably available in different colours too. I think I could live without the airbags easy enough ;)
  320d M Sport

Ive tried to get some quotes for new seats, no-one ever emails me back! Those look ace though, Ive said for ages i want new seats......:(

Ive sat in a few seats and they are so comfy its not even funny. I would get them, but i can see it causing havok with the air back sh*t under the seat

Remember the Cup doesnt have side airbags...... that simplifies things a little and I would hazard a guess that insurance companies will suck you up if you tell them youre removing safety features....

Paddy, I have had the same sh*t, Ive emailed loads of rally prep agencies, and only one has replied. Pain in the arse. did also reply and put me in touch with a geezer in Leamington Spa, who would fit each seat for 76.50 plus vat. The cheapest recaro is 250 squid. So I sked him if he could fit a couple of Sparco Pro2000( nonreclinable, FIA buckets ), and grudgingly he could, although he didnt want to as he didnt like quality of Sparcos( I disagree ).

Plus I have a wife who goes ballistic every time I go on about blowing a grand on seats...:cry:



Erm it would void your insurance and/or put your insurance up due to the lack of airbags. (NOT 172CUP)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Nothing a couple of bin-bags and a soda-syphon recharger wouldnt put right though eh? Airbags are pretty simple things as far as I can tell.

i looked into it but the seat belt fittings a pain(unless you go the whole hog and fit harnesses,but no rear freinds in the back),but the biggest thing is insurance,they have every right to tell you to get f**ked if something happens,ie a side on,and youve been fiddling with the seats.

shame as i have perfect seats in mind !

You can get a half rollcage in and attach the harnesses to them but that doesnt really matter as i think unless you have money to burn for insurance etc there aint no point. Shame, i agree that the driving position is too ford transit!