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changing the valvers external temperature display bulb

The temp gauge is working but its not illuminated. Have taken thetop part of the dash off but cant see what the hell to do then. Any advice on how to change the bulb for the temperature display?

cheers pete

The same problem cropped up on me the other week. But by the time Id come to fix it, the bulb had decided to fix itself!!!

When I investigated the Holy Spiritual Text (aka Haynes Manual) in the wiring diagrams, I could not find a place for a bulb behind the Altar (temperature gauge display). I came to the conclusion that it was going to be more of an Eccumenical matter (perhaps a loose connection, rather than a bulb).

But, either way, the dash top was going to have to come off (maybe the steering column shroud too - see Holy Text) so that I could have a look.

But then it re-illuminated itself and hasnt given me another un-Enlightened moment since.

Praise the Lord for that!


Hi I had that problem before temp works but doesnt light up,I changed the bulb and it works now.

btw both the top dash and the steering column shroud will have to come off to take the dash out but make sure you have the right bulb to fit in there before you take the dash apart.
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I have the same problem. Will have a look in the Haynes manual tonight. I think they are usually a loose connection but its probably a good idea to get a bulb just in case....