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changing wheels

  Abarth 595 Trufeo

Just asked my insurance company if by changing my alloys it would increase my premium… They said … YES...

172’s came with OZ F1’s if I change them they would have to insure them separately, and that would be £100 please… even if it was going to be the same size and make i.e. super T’s..

But they did say that if I just bought new OZ F1’s then that would be just fine.

I believe in telling my insurance company everything but £100 on a fully comp price of £500 is just stupid, they did not mind about the Ram air induction kit and the Peco cat back exhorts, but god help me if I want to change the wheels…. Rant rant rant I think that I will call them next time I change my air freshener. !!!!


  Shiny red R32


Did you buy the car from new? If not, couldnt you pretend that you thought the wheels (which you want to put on it now) were standard and hopefully if you dont get them stolen there wouldnt be a problem.

If you do have a bump, you could maybe put your old ones back on, in case the insurers check out your car. WHICH I DOUBT WHETHER THEY WOULD. A while back, a guy I know, had his car hit by an old geezer who pulled out of a side road and bashed in his door. He only had TPFT and the legal department are trying to recover the cost from the other guys insurers, and he was in a similar situation having put different wheels on the car, which he quickly swapped back to the originals, thinking that it would be inspected.

NOBODY FROM THE INSURANCE has looked at the car, all he had to do was to take the car to two bodyshops to get two quotes which he forwarded with the witness form etc.

I dont know whether I should encourage you to do likewise!! What experiences have others had?

Just say the car came with those wheels, they cant prove otherwise. Play dumb like you know nothing.
  Lionel Richie

My insurance went up by £25 to cover my 17inch superleggeras+tyres (£850 of cover) all i needed to do was use a set of locking wheel nuts (Eagle Starr)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i got EVERY single mod on my car for £50 increase in premium

standard price was £900, modified price is £950, and i have.........

Engine Mods:
Hill Power Stage One Chip
Hill Power Induction Kit
Hill Power De-Cat Pipe
Hill Power Uprated Lower Engine Mount
Peco Powermaster Stainless Back-Box
Peco Stainless Straight Through Centre Section
Magnecor KV 85 Ignition Leads

Clio 16v Phase 1 - Refurbished

Tarox G88 40 Groove
Tarox Race/Rally Pads

Bilstein Streetline Kit

Exterior Mods:
Dimma Fuel Cap
Black Side Repeaters

Interior Mods:
Sparco Knob & Pedals
Richbrook Tax Disc Holder

Kenwood KDC-PS9080R
JBL Fronts
Kicker 6x9s
Kicker IX402 Amp
Modified MDF Parcel Shelf

£900 for a standard 1.4 rt? Im guessing youre not a middle aged woman with full no claims and a garage then?

Did the tax disc holder make up most of the £50 raise?:)

Seriosly though, is yours post K-plate, if so how do you get it through an M.O.T?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

mines a k plate

ive only got 1 yrs NCB mate

and i use

i just told my mate about em an they gave him a quote of £590 fully comp, atm hes payin £1200 TPFT with direct line on his XR2

i used to be payin £1200 TPFT with Adrian Flux, now im payin £950 fully comp !
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

Im using Tesco at the mo

Used to be with Barclays but Tesco undercut them by just under £300

ok I dont get a courtesy car but I dont need one as I have access to another car and a motorbike.

I think they are Direct Line as the paper work all seems the same just badged as Tesco.

I have got myself a new set of OZ F1 Cups with Toyo 195 50 15 all for the fantastic price of £495 from Overrevs.

so now I dont have to pay any more on my insurance.

Its a shame as I really fancied a set os Super Ts.