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Cheap insurance*

Solution for insurance if you have no-NCB.

Start a company for free, register it on company reg and when getting quote, they ask if you have NCB, say you have NCB for however many years you have been driving. Then tell them it was a company car. They simply ask for a letter from the company confirming this. Wahhooooo. Write a letter from your duff company saying you are the best driver ever, that you havent crashed a car ever and they should even give you an extra 50% discount for being so fcuking great. There you go. Cheap insurance

you have to register it with company house then take out a company first class buisness insurance! then have to quote there policy number and all the rest off this b*****ox

Wish it was that easy!
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If your with CSMA you get a discount at Liverpool Victoria. That saved me about £250 on mine.


Yea ok ok, got a bit over excited then. Just get friendly with ur boss, explain how much money you would save, and ask nicely for a letter.:devilish:

Any ideas how much capital is needed to set up insurance business!? ClioSport Insurance!! ;) Cheap for every1!