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Cheap Insurance

  E60 diesel powah

Im 19 being a 3rd driver on my 1.2 and i keep getting quotes for 1200/1500!! y?!?! lol, can someone tell me cheap insurance companies please


i have the same problem mate, but its even worse im 17, a new driver haha, aint u the one in manchester who sprayed to color code

i need cheap insurance too

what the! thats loads, bad post code?!!!

My insurance 1997 1.4 Sport was 1100 Fully Comp at 18.

Try ringing loads of companies, try things like adding your mum as a 2nd driver, can save money... also is the car moddified?!
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My first year of driving found Hastings Direct the cheapest (third party fire theft). Declare nothing but alarm / immobiliser, unless seriuously modified.

If you are putting someone else as the main driver and you as a named driver try CIS insurance. Most other companies have caught on and charge you about the same as they would if you were the main driver.

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Try First Alternative - went from a 172 to a 182 and Im paying £20 less a month, and thats parking on street!

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  Mini JCW and FRS

Quote: Originally posted by jamieswales on 16 May 2005

have you not posted up some pics of your 182 metalic black? got some on pictures.
No, I meant to take some at my parents on Sunday but forgot my camera - will get some up soon..!