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Cheap Nilfisk


ClioSport Club Member
  A4 S Line & Impreza
I have the C110 and it is awesome. Only criticism I have is I wish the hose was a bit softer so it doesn't coil up as often.
  CLIO 182
I believe this may be £100 at argos atm, I bought one not to long ago. May be wrong though!
bought one myself two weeks back now and yes it was 99.99 down to 89.99. but it was called the nilfisk titan 120. very similar machine with the same attachments etc
  Honda & VW
If anyone needs a Nilfisk Lance adaptor let me know, got a brand new one received in error that I'll sell for cheap
  CLIO 182
been looking an adaptor myself as my previous lance was karcher and need it for my new nilfisk.. if he doesnt have it i will deffo take it