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Check this nutter out..

really nice driftin, altho it wasnt really doin him any good, the elise in front was gettin away after some corners whilst he was straightning out!

If thats the one where the guy rolls the white lancer, he was driving like a feckin prick. It looks like a track day where I thought undertaking people at speed was generally frowned upon. Deserved to roll it, just lucky he didnt take anyone else out at the same time :mad:

You could tell what was going to happn from the first corner.

I like the fact that he had Pilotage on the bonnet. Well at least he tryed to pilot the thing.

Hows he a prick, because he has talent? If the rest are too slow its their problem. Know one deserves to roll it, if he died would he of deserved to of died?

Rob - this guy was putting the other people on the track at un-necessary risk. How does he have talent??? He just rolled the feckin thing!!!!


Sorry, have to agree with rhys on this. He was driving like an utter prick. Its a track day not a race or a demolition derby. You have to respect everyone else on the track and not put them at risk - he couldnt give a flying f**k about anyone else. I was soooo glad when it rolled - lmao - there is a god


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um ur right hype it was a woman as this has been on tv also it was a track day and it was the owners sons girlfriend and it was the tracks car she was driving in.

she was driving stupidly and not taking any care as you can see she clipped a few corners to tight as u can see the dust coming up. u could tell it was gonna happen and shee needs a slap.



I must say, I think she was asking for trouble the way she was driving, undertaking the elise, takin the Porsche just before the cones, daft, but wouldnt go as far as saying she deserved to roll it, I mean... what she really deserved was some better driver training, esp. about track day etiquette... hopefully she learnt a very valuable lesson from this episode, and she should be counting herself very lucky that she walked away.

Bloody women drivers!

Post Terms and Conditions - **cliosport women drivers excluded**

Roamer, maybe you think I was harse to say I was glad of the outcome, but its about time people acting stupidly got caught and not the innocent bystander. Usually what happens is that she/he would cut someone up and that person would swerve and crash their own car, nice to see the ones driving unrespectfully getting the medicine.

Tony, I understand where your coming from mate, I dont want anyone to smash there car up or cut people up making them dike theirs, but I know it happens, and like I said I know where your coming from.

Lets take it as a lesson for all of us (all drivers that is, not just us cliosport peeps) so that hopefully none of us end up with our cars or ourselves smashed up.

Well his performance round the track was reflected by frances early exit out of the world cup - they crashed & they burned

Yes, I agree that the French "track-day rules of etiquette" seem a little laxed from the high standard we see in this country, and youd probably be black flagged and sent home if you tried some of the late overtaking manoeuvres seen on the clip, but some seem to forget that the whole point of track-days and airfield-days is to get out there in relative unrestricted space and push your car and yourselves to and possibly beyond the limit. The Evo was unlucky to blow out a tyre, slide off and roll, but thats the risk you take. I cant believe some of the criticisms above! This is not road driving, this is what people do on track and these are the possible downsides of this risky activity. Get out there and try it, you wont push it quite so hard on the road once youve been in a tight spot or two on track! Respect her driving skill, may the Evo rest in peace....

To be honest I was amazed that the stupid cow managed to walk away from it. That was a big accident and she was lucky not to end up in hospital.

What are you lot on? That was the f**king nuts bit of driving! Just shame she made that mistake.... If she hadnt done that mate it was good watching a 4wd being driven RIGHT!!!

Good yes but not the quickest way to get around a track. Fair enough if it was an empty track but there were other cars to think about.

Im suprised people are saying she deserved it and was driving like a prick etc. It was clear she was a lot more talented than anyone else in the clip, she didnt undertake the elise driver, its a track day, she passed him! Whats the point in going to a track day unless you cant exploit the cars potential?

I dont drift around corners like that but if im on a track ill go as fast as i can, i wouldnt form an orderly queue behind the slow drivers, ever! Some people are speaking without experience..

No not the quickest no but its not a track car... plus she didnt hit any other cars..... mate come on I would try some of that myself

lol @ track day etiquette. Im sorry but what I saw there was fine... she only power slide when there was no other cars around.... Plus what Rob said its A TRACK DAY

No you are right it is not a track car but she was on a track and should therefore drive accordingly. If she wanted to drive it like a rallye car then she should go on an off road day. As for you trying it yourself go for it, but trust be you will be black flagged before you know it.