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checking gear box oil level - HELP

i have a small weep from the gear box, its only slight, but i wanna check the oil level,

where is the plug ?

what grade/make do i put in if it needs topping up?

i was thinking this may have some thing to do with my whirring noise, (or may be not)
but i wanna check it any way !!

Whirring noise is more likely chipped teeth - my box does it despite being re-built with new oil 6k miles ago.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Where is it weaping from?? The plug at the front or one of the inner driveshaft seals??

ill have to check that, as sometimes i cannot for the life of me get into 2nd gear, have to go to 3rd / 1st with the clutch in then move back to 2nd. someone told me that this has happened to him in a 21 when water got in the gearbox, and recommended a oil change, anyone else got this or similar ?

I topped up the oil, with a litre of trz/75 80,from reno dealer and needed some more so i went to another as the 1st was shut
i didnt realise at the time that the fcuker sold me the wrong stuff,

the 2nd told me 2 buy trx since i dont know whats in it already i bought 4 litres of trx.

the passenger side gaitor seal is pissing oil, so i now have the drive shaft out of the car,
and am getting a new gaitor tomorrow and then i can fill it up once ive sorted it.
lovely !!
  Williams 2, STi N12

What has caused it to break the seal??

The reason why I am asking is beacuse there is a nut behind this seal, if this has come loose then you need to tighten it up first. It holds the planet gears in position, if you hear a whiring noise when accelerating this is planet gears forcing each other apart due to the loose nut.

It can be tightened with a windy gun so shouldnt be much trouble. Hope its OK.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Just re-read your first post and you do have a whirring noise, it seems to me that the nut is loose! Tighten it otherwise it will cause more damage!

ive got the drive shaft out at the mo,
so ive un done the 3 nuts for the tri pod thing,
where is this nut,or have i already undone it?