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  1. S

    Gearbox leak where does it come from

    Hello I‘m new here on this forum and i‘m new in the clio game so i noticed that my clio is leaking bright oil, and black oil. Then i saw the bright oil is gearbox oil and the dark oil is engine oil (pictures). Now my question is for the gearbox is is this a damaged seal or is it silicon sealant...
  2. M

    'STOP' and 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' lights appear when going round corners.

    Hi guys, Recently my 2007 Clio Mk3 has been displaying the 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' message on the dash, as well as the 'STOP' light coming on. This only happens when driving around corners. I've checked my oil levels on the dipstick and it all looks fine. Car runs as normal and there's no...
  3. F

    Oil change and High mileage

    hey guys need your help again, my engine is on 166000 miles in my 182 I was just wondering if I should now start using a bit thicker oil to preserve it ? And if yes what oil ? Or should I stick with the elf 5w40 ? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    Oil Pressure Fault

    My 1.2 Mk3 clio has thrown up the oil pressure fault. I've changed the pressure switch which hasn't solved the problem unfortunately, I'm going to change the oil filter in case that's clogged but is there anything else it could be apart from the oil pump? I was planning on selling the car so...
  5. A

    Minor Gearbox oil leak

    Hi all, I'm a new member to the forum who has been looking for a decent 182 for some time. I *think* I may have potentially found a good candidate (just under 90k miles, cam belt, aux belt and dephaser pulley changed less than 3 years ago, Speedline Turini's and a price of about £3.1K)...
  6. H

    Oil leak from the back on the block

    Hello all, My Clio 172 is in need of some love. It’s leaking a little bit of oil. It’s only a few drops on the driveway a week but still a concern. I’ve had a look underneath and there seems to be fresh oil around the exhaust manifold gasket which has seeped down onto the o/s driveshaft and...
  7. L

    Oil Specs?

    Hi folks figured I’d post here as I’ve searched the internet far and wide and not been successful! I am doing a service of my girlfriends 2016 Clio DCi 1.5 and I cannot find what the right type of oil is for this model. ECP recommended 5w40, which I bought. But want to make sure it is the right...
  8. Crayola

    75w90 Gearbox oil in JC5-130

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone has every used 75w90 in their 172's? Mine will be for fast road/track as a weekend toy and wondered if anyone has ever swapped out the usual expensive GL4 75w80 for something with a larger operating temp. Seen this on eBay and its half the price of Elf stuff...
  9. B

    lumpy and juddery idle HELPPP!!!

    hi, this is the first post I've done on here but I've had the account a while cause its fun looking at peoples build threads to get ideas, but anyways back to the main issue.. a few months ago i was driving back from work and all of a sudden the engine management light started flashing and the...
  10. dane0

    Gearbox noise.

    I've read a lot of posts and can't seem to pinpoint what I'm hearing as everyone keeps going on about he diff bearings. Mine is only when the clutch is engaged in gear. Surely if it was the diff it would make noise regardless due to being connected to the driveshafts. When on the motorway it's...
  11. Rystar

    Burning oil smell about 5000rpm?

    Hi All, My car has a burning oil smell above 5000rpm, I've noticed this in 3rd or 4th gear. Mates following me reckon there's no blue smoke from the exhaust behind me, although they can smell it also? I know the VVT system kicks in around these revs. Dephaser and both belts and all...
  12. C

    Uprated oil pump (f4r)

    Hi, does anybody know if there is any uprated oil pump for more pressure for the f4r engine? Also do we know what pressure should have a healthy OEM oil pump?? Thanks in advance, Alex
  13. leeds2592

    Which Gearbox Oil?

    Hi all, Looking to change my gearbox oil as it's done over 100k miles and very much doubt it's been done before. I know I need 3/3.1 litres and 75w-80 Question is what oil should I be looking at? Elf Tranself NFJ 75W-80 any good? Thanks
  14. Simmie

    Oil pressure switch

    My original oil pressure switch has been removed & a dual temp & pressure block has been fitted in its place. Now I think the cable has just been left disconnected, if so does that mean my oil light would not come on? Everything seems to work fine no lights on on the dash!!
  15. midge

    2 different types of Gaz Coilovers, which should i use? different mounting on rear

    I have these 2 sets of rear coilovers, which ones are best?
  16. roachy1994


    Been searching on here but I can't find a straight answer really ino people like different things etc but what is my best bet for my money on what coilovers to get for track/road use for about £600 is :) Thanks rhys
  17. J


    Hi guys, I'm currently planning a project on an Iceberg Silver PH2 Clio Extreme and I'm curious about a couple things. First of all, I used to be into Civics (A LOT) and recently decided to go over to a clio as they seem like a great building platform, on the Civic EG, most of them use these...
  18. B

    Importance of trackday oil?

    I've recently done an oil change and used Fuchs supersyn 5w-40, fully sythetic oil but their cheapest line. Plans have changed and I've now decided I want to do a few trackdays over winter, car is standard power and won't be revved over 7k. Is it a safe idea to replace oil with something like...
  19. S

    Kw v2 coil overs bit soft?

    Does any one know how I would go about either getting stiffer Spring rates or getting the shocks upgraded as the car is predominantly a track car and I want to run slicks in the new year and I feel these are too soft or am I mistaken? Any info be great thanks
  20. Adams77

    Gearbox oil 182

    Hi, Need to replace the seal on my gearbox on my 182, what oil do I need to refill the gearbox with? Thanks
  21. MarkMchugh

    gear box oil leak from gear selecta

    ive had some issues with the handling of the 172 cup since I got it and took it to get the tracking done, the guy noticed it was looking for the gear selecta, could anyone shine any light on this for me as I know nothing about cars many thanks mark
  22. J

    172/182 coilovers/springs on a 1.2?

    Just wondering if springs or coilovers from a 172/182 would fit on a (2001) 1.2 16v? Just wondering as it could save me money before I go buy a brand new set. Thanks in advance.
  23. realnumber 1

    Arctic 182 with Buckets and Trophy spoiler Huddersfield

    Noticed it this afternoon opposite the Kia garage in Huddersfield. Looked tidy apart from a scrape on the front wing/bumper. Had a CS sticker below the middle brake light. Possibly @dann2707 ?
  24. sam55

    Slight misfire - not leads, plugs or coil pack...

    So my car appears to have a slight misfire on cylinder 2 (by slight, I mean that it appears to be firing weakly). I changed the plugs, coil pack and leads but the problem didn't go away. Then oddly, according to my OBD2 reader the misfire shifted to cylinder 3, before shifting back to cylinder 2...
  25. J

    Cup Spoiler

    Had my cup spoiler fitted today, love it
  26. M

    Oil Level Sensor

    Looking for a little advice. I had the STOP and OIL lights appearing on my 182. My initial thoughts were oh crap that'll be the engine on the way out then, but after a bit of investigation I found that the Oil Level Sensor had become disconnected and I assume this is what is causing the error...
  27. Gus

    Cheap engine oil Shell Ultra 5W40

    Juts a heads up for anyone that is after cheap but decent engine oil Eurocarparts have a sale on Shell ultra oil and it is showing as £19.99 but you get 10% off that using EXTRA10 as the discount code...

    Operating temperatures (oil + coolant)

    Hiya, I was wondering what the normal operating temperatures are for a Clio II RS Phase 1. My coolant temp indicator on my dash sits just under the middle (1 circle down from the middle). I have also installed a Raid HP oil temp gauge with Raid HP sensor (via sandwich plate under the oil...
  29. Chambers_RS

    Oil breather plate

    I'm sure I've seen fancy/uprated/aftermarket/custom breather plates somewhere but can't find any when I search lol Anyone know of anything like this? Mines a 172 and looking the get the open neck that goes into the inlet blanked off.
  30. R

    10 - 60 Millers oil for road use!

    Hi - I have a 182 running 5 - 40 Millers nanotech oil and I plan on doing a service. I have 6L of Millers 10 - 60 on a shelf which I used to run in a Porsche. I don't do many track days as I don't have time. I do lots of motorway work and rural driving. Not much town work. I'd like to use...