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Chips Away.............well scratches and cracks


ClioSport Club Member
some of you may remember a thread i posted a couple of weeks ago about someone hitting my car, they pushed up against it slowly so they mildly scratched it and were the bumper flexed they cracked the paint

well as i am off to trax tomorrow i thought i better get it done so got it sorted is the before, during and after pics...






he is a mobile bloke around the south west...if anyone wants his details let me know


ClioSport Club Member
it was £60 + VAT..........he was here for 2 and a half hours....i had a whole afternoons polishing around the area getting the overspray
  Fiesta Zetec S TDCi
Looks good mate, always good to know of someone who can do this kind of thing so please PM me his details :)
  BMW E46 330i Touring
I'll have them as well please Neil mate, got some bits on the front I wouldn't mind getting sorted for the price of a good night out.
  Chocolate Bar™
tbh i was expecting the repair to be more for some reason. i've got something almost idential on my roof from when a load of yobbos threw stones at the the car. one of those things i keep meaning to sort, but never actually get round to it.

last guy i used from chips away was great, but ive heard some horror stories. good news is that it looks like you found a good guy
  Vee dub
Neil has your bumper been pushed further down mate? the gap looks alot larger than normal?

good job on the cracks mate


ClioSport Club Member
yeah i noticed that mate......i need to re hang it...but am unsure how mate...will research that mate

about to leave now for trax....will see you there tomorrow
good job, i had a chips away man come from swindon and quoted 90 quid just to spray the end of my wing mirror on my old black 1.2 dynamique lol
  182 has now gone!
My car has just been to Chipsaway today to have a scuff taken out of my alloy wheel.. did a great job £50.00.. They have a unit near Angmering near Worthing.. droped in there last night and it was ready at 11.00 this morning.. will use them again if I have to
  Clio 1.2 Expression
there's loads of chips away fella's in the north west aswell. my dad had 2 cars done the other day. Can't remember the cost but it was very cheap and they did an excellent job