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Cinematic effect

Anyone had a go?

The settings are a bit hit and miss, the 400px only applies to smaller pics, you need to up that quite a lot for larger images!

My first attempt:



  Focus TDCi
Really like this JJ, like the desaturated colours and feathered vignette. :)

I'm torn between this effect and bright colourful images for my own stuff. I really like it, but after a while I just think, are my photos looking really dull? Lol. Really struggling to find a common theme at the moment!

Just found this guy on Flickr, I think the photo of the kid running and the guy in the restaurant on his profile page are pretty damn awesome. :approve:
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ooohhh nice find, i had to play with the exposure levels bit to get it looking better as i found the set ones a bit harsh, it made my pics really dark. i also found if you keep the original image and duplicate it then change the opacity of the movie style layer after you flatten it a bit it helps

heres mine
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
did another 2 :)


did this one with a green colour cast like the matrix - the pic is one i shot of a mate at uni as part of a sin cities style comic book (obviously this is the orignal and has not been sin cityfied lol)
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My quick attempt, doesnt quite have the impact of yours jungle jim or JJ!

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I tried another - cheated a bit as not actually there!

Debating whether to flickr it or not.


  A silver Honda
^^It's Danny Dyer lol. The one of the house reminds me of 28 weeks later!

I wanna try this but don't have photoshop, boooo!

Scooby shot is cool too Jim.
  1.8 Civic EX
i don't get two steps in this process, can someone try and explain for me..

6. i do exactly what its says but it makes no difference to the pic in any way shape or form. I understand it's almost supposed to remove the blur so one spot is in focus but that doesn't happen for me.

10. When i delete a portion of the black layer it just leaves a real obvious clear circle in the middle of the do i make it kinda fade out to the edges like you guys have?!

heres my attempt without using step 10..