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Clarkeys Fiesta ST-2 (Thanks Cliosport)

  172 Cup
Well I haven't posted much on here in a while even though I'm on the forum everyday soo here goes. Thanks to the lease thread and clio sport I ordered a fiesta st-2 which replaced the clio 172 cup which will be up for sale.

A little review on the clio, the power is amazing to have under your right foot especially with it being my first car and being soo young, I loved it and will miss it but I just wanted more luxury, something new and boost sounded like a good idea. I feel I needed aircon, more supportive seats and a nicer place to sit and the clio reach on the steering wheel was awful with the chair back as I have dangly legs.

Being only 20 and having this in my possession is unreal, also I got a refund on the insurance as it only came to £420 a year :p Absolutely love the colour, the boost is addictive, the seats and the driving position is utterly perfect for me (6ft4) the radio is such a big improvement. I cannot thank cliosport enough as I wouldnt have got this deal (G2L) with you and seeing others with the fiesta I couldn't resist.

I had to wait 2 weeks as they had one in stock but the cooling off period meant I had to wait, got delivered this morning my an old chap from ford, a little tip, dont let them wash it, swirl marks all over!

Pictures are pretty poor but just wanted to drive it! comments welcome :D


  Fiesta ST-2
Exactly the same as mine mate, had mine almost 2 weeks and I just can't stop driving it. Any excuse for a blast :rasp:


ClioSport Club Member
  Clubman JCW
Man really wish I had signed up to this deal, so cheap to be running round in a brand new little car.
Only just bought my impreza though!


ClioSport Club Member
1) Matthew - ST2 Spirit Blue (pending delivery)
2) MarkCup - ST2 Molten Orange (16,000 miles now!)
3) Andyy - ST2 Spirit Blue (pending delivery)
4) DetailChris/DetailMe- ST2 Spirit Blue 1600 miles
5) Washington - ST2 Spirit Blue
6) Scott.p - ST2 race red 8000 miles
7) Reev - ST-2 Spirit Blue
8) Clarkey23 - ST2 -Spirit Blue
not you you as well?

I must say, they look awesome in blue. See quite a few out and about
haha yes I have turned! The FN2 was coming up to 6 years old with signs of me needed to spend money on it, add to that the 280 tax and 27mpg and this was a steal!

i don't need a large car for work and the missis has a 5 door focus titanium x for any long journeys so this fits the bill perfectly!

you ok matey? Do you have a 197 at the mo?
  172 Cup
Soo I've had the car around a month now and I'm always counting down the time until I'm in it again.

I'm averaging around 34mpg around town without driving like an idiot and got 44mpg on a 96 mile trip today. I couldn't recommend it enough such a decent all round motor and you can't say no at the price you can get it for!
  172 Cup
I swear I saw someone post on here they had - DG14 TUV- or TUX may have even been yours
Tom. Must have been clio sport
Ordering soo close together
  172 Cup
Had my first year service today, 8k miles down and I got an advisory on the front tyres due to 3mm left They offered me mountune at a cost of £702. I turned it down