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Cleaning my big fat pipe

Anyone know what the best product on the market is for cleaning my stainless pipe, its getting lots of little bits of tar on it that are a pain in the ass to remove.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

the Auto Glym one is over priced, get Auto Sol from Halfords, its £1 cheaper and you get more, its bloody wicked stuff

i recently bought Peek but the liquid form and thats nowhere near as good as Auto Sol

Damn we are good ! ;)
Does a blinding job ! And is also available at most shops at cheap prices ! lol... ! :D

i was going to ask this question, however im not really looking to polish the end of my tail pipe.. i just want to get rid of all the burnt up carbon! anyone got any ideas on how to remove carbon? do you think these polishs would do the trick aswell as making it look shiney?

Lemon juice?! hmm
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i know the auto sol will remove carbon from the outside, and it will from the inside eventually but why bother doin the inside, its just gonna be black again in a week

I always used white spirit for cleaning my stainless steel exhaust.Gets tar spots off really well... it kind of melts them, and you can buy the stuff by the gallon for pennies.Oh and it takes the burnt on carbon off from the inside too...