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click.. click.. click (yawn)

Hi chaps,

Probably a weird request this, so bear with me. The relays in my 182 are sooo loud I can hear them over the engine... and over the stereo. When I put the wipers on intermittant it gives the most annoying click .... click .... click. Does any1 know a way of sound-deadening the relays, dynomat or something.. or as the cars new will they quieten down?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I believe they are inside the UCH so theres little you can do. At least theyre not as bad as the TWANG TWANG (like a school ruler on a desk) that you get when the indicators are on!

I find if you turn off the climate control, disable the auto wipers and drive only on smooth roads it doesnt click as much - lol :)

(Annoys me too)