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clicking sound

  BG 182 FF
when the engine is on there is a loud clicking sound coming from the front left of the engine gets worse as i accelerate

any ideas???
  BG 182 FF
im guessing it is my aux belt cos i just had it changed anyway its going back in the garage AGAIN (3 times in 3 weeks) in the morning.

on a darker note who fancys burning this s**t heap out for me
  PH1 172 Sport
Did they change the tensioner and pulley? The pulley is very exposed and the bearing tends to go and does make a sort of rattley clicking noise.
  BG 182 FF
find out after tomorrow mate pissed off with this car now like seriously thinking of getting rid!!!

after six months too i think its bad any i reckon a r32 is on the books seen a nice one about