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Climate Control Chaos!

(I've had a look around the old threads on climate control going nuts but can't see anything covering this....)

I recently did the fix to the climate control to stop it blowing hot all the time (the cable tie on the worn spline thing) which seemed to work but now it's going totally barmy!

Firstly, no matter what temperature I set the temperature wont change - I removed and checked the motor which is supposed to turn when a different temperature is selected - it isn't turning when a change is made. I've checked the motor is electically ok and it is. I'm assuming some sort of sensor is shagged? The outside temperatue sensor works fine btw.

Secondly, sometimes I'll be driving along and the climate control will switch itself to full blowers for no reason and it wont stop, even if I switch the climate control off!!! The only way to reset it is to switch off the ignition and restart.

So, any ideas??