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have been going to loads of underground street races recently and so many people have been shocked by the performance of my clio, but my point is, can anyone think of a FWD N/A that can beat a clio of the performance variety? Dont everyone say 106 GTis and VTSs cos i am yet to be convinced that they are quicker(Craggy is in the process of converting me!). i have beaten enough 106s and VTS to think this so please dont mention these! I ahve been racking my brains and i cant think of any but im sure there are some, list away..................
  mk2 172

thats all well and good mate, but yours is modded to f**k! im sure if i did all that to mine id pan you you severely!
  mk2 172

also, when you raced adi, you couldnt pull away from him am i right? i could pull away at speed!, with less than a thousand miles. thats why we need a long road so i can stretch my lesgs so to speak, (this should be doing a fine lob of winding you up for that race he he he)


Craggy, i never raced Adi properly, but as i am sure he will tell you, with his williams engine and box i give him more then enough trouble! i think in a straight line i would do more then enough damage(compared to his old engine that is)! I say this because all of the VTS/106s i have raced i have beat convincingly so either yours is freakishly fast or you have super-human driving abilities! Also, my engine is only producing mailto:122BHP@TW">122BHP@TW so it isnt highly modded!

Cooper S is S/C and CTR is arguably quicker then a Willy/172, i mean convincing!

Also raced a a S/C VTS yesterday, he was struggling for traction to say the least, dont understand y anyone would spend SOO much on there saxo and then not know how to control it, im talking 18s, wide arch kit, big engine work etc, well into the thousands but he got beat in EVERY race
  mk2 172

122bhp @ wheels?, thats more than a lot! a vts makes about mailto:100@wheels">100@wheels on proper rollers. now if i de-cat, fit coilovers, exhaust induction kit, and a chip for good measure im sure i would thoroughly thrash most of the pre 96 f7 clios. as it is im sure i can take out all the standard 16vs out there. and iv raced 3 modded ones, twice to over a ton, and one to 80, always won. pretty sure acceleration wise id keep with/have you as well:cool:. but using ur big wheels and coilovers to beat people to 50mph isnt sufficient evidence to go around claiming to be faster imo


  Audi TT Stronic

I cant believe I missed the opertunity to race a CTR... I was going round a roundabout and the volvo car tries it on so i decide to floor it and leave the volvo for dead (no biggie) but just as I was comming of the roundabout my GF said "oh I thought you would of carried on round and raced that CTR" damn damn, to busy making a vovlo eat dust I never saw the CTR sitting further round the roundabout at the light.. Grrr..

*edit* sorry I just realised how completly OT i just went..

heh, i raced a volvo c70 off the lights last nite, wasnt sure if he would bite, but we both went for it, got about a 1/2 cars length but the time i got out of 2nd, but then i was in a losing battle, had to slow down at about 75 cos catching up with traffic, but he would have cruised past, didnt know anyhting about it, looked it up and its a t5 engine, 240bhp, 7.2 secs 0-60, 155 top speed, if there was more space it would have disspeared, would have liked to see how i kept up thou

I think the only other FWD, NA, hot hatch of the time that can hold a candle to the 16v/Willy duo is the 205 1.9 GTi.

The VTS/106 GTi are the closest youll get today to these cars, but they havent moved the game on in the way the 16v/Willy did after the 205 GTi. The 172 was the car to move the game on after the 16v/Willy and it started the whole hot hatch revolution weve seen over the past few years.

Oh, and cse mate, all the C70s are turbos, but they go from about 170bhp upwards. The T5 is properly fast in a straight line and wouldnt have any problems mincing most hot hatches off the lights since they make about 170bhp per ton!

2 of my friends have 205s , a 205 mi16 and a 205 turbo technics, both are faster than my 172.the mi16 is only a fraction faster. The 205 TT was at a rolling road last year a few of you may have seen it, Rhys and paddy had a ride they will agree it is very fast. its currently being worked on and will soon be even faster.


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  E90 LCI 330d

Quote: Originally posted by Ben H on 24 February 2003

The 172 was the car to move the game on after the 16v/Willy and it started the whole hot hatch revolution weve seen over the past few years.
I am gonna have to disagree there...

The 306 GTi-6 was the car that sparked the re-birth of the hot hatch after the "luke warm" 90s!

Launched back in 1997 it was way ahead of the competition and nobody had got anything like a 167bhp fwd hatchback with a 6-speed box!!! Took Renault (& the others) a long while to fight back.

Also, according to many mags (Evo, PGTi, CCC, etc...) it still seems to be a kind of a "benchmark" that even current, more powerful favourites are compared too.

Craggy, not the place to drag this out but people spend money on different things, i could have spent the money it cost me for coilovers on a set of cams, or a nitrous kit, they would make my car faster, but un-driveable. Just because i have coilovers and big wheels(since when have 16s been big?) does exactly mean i can claim to be quicker to 50Mph. at the end of the day, in none of your races have you swapped cars to see whether it is your driving skills that are just superior to the others and not that your VTS is faster then the others. in the same way it may be my suspension, traction and power transmission that is better then the cars i race but its an all in package, since when has it just been about BHP? Anyway, apart from my intial acceleration, everytime bar one 106 GTi, after the start i have pulled a considerable lead on the 106Gtis and VTSs, to well upto 80-90. Im simply asking what serious threats there are to clios in terms of drag racing cos i am yet to come across one. Please feel free to prove me wrong tho Craggy cos from what i have seen of your VTS you will give me more than a run for my money, i just want to see it happen!


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  E90 LCI 330d

Quote: Originally posted by clean16v on 24 February 2003

Im simply asking what serious threats there are to clios in terms of drag racing cos i am yet to come across one.
You wanna try that Nova that "did" me tonight...

Bet hes surprised a few people! :eek:
  350z & 16v Maxi

A Nova with a valver in it is crazy fast. Totally sh!te IMHO but they are certainly fast as f()ck!!!


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  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, valver Novas are rapid.

I know a lad with a 1.6 GSi Nova, that is VERY fast...

He is a rally mechanic by trade, so he knows his sh!t and has built the engine from scratch.

Basically, everything is uprated/strengthened, all flowed & ported, big cams, TBs, mappable ECU, etc... revs well past 9000rpm!!!

Not had it timed on the 1/4 mile yet, but hel be doing POD soon, so welll soon see how quick that is.

Quote: Originally posted by clean16v on 24 February 2003

there was a corsa with a race spec 2l 16v engine in it. it ran 13.75 quarters. not too shabby then!

WOW, big respect for getting into 13s with n/a power
  williams and trophy

yeah if its the same one iv seen it looks like a boggo motor too .....even down to the factory steelies lol

real sleeeeeeeeper

and yes i have raced it lol

a long time ago tho my valver
  mk2 172

clean, what i am saying is that EVERY mod you have done would have improved things for these little sprints. now if we were gonna put my standard vts against urs when it was standard we would get a better picture of what THIS THREAD is all about, ie the clio being untouchable etc. im simply replying to this thread saying that to pass urs off as standard isnt right. certainly urs is capable of whoopin all these cars but ve altered it , cos u wanted to, but that doesnt mean all the others out there will go like urs. iv yet to meet a phase 1 clio than can take me out in a sprint race. didnt race jon tho he he he

i understand wot your saying mate, dont want to argue about it. Just wanted some info on what cars can beat clios, cos it seems with some simple mods they are untouchable, standard or not, most of the cars that i have raced have not been standard. and im not talking about the "little sprints", im going off what happened last night. It was a good 1/4 mile strip where you could see if it was down to starts, or gear changes etc. i pulled ahead of a BMW Z3 2.8 straight 6 in second gear, the same with an R5 raider, and out-accelerated a 106 GTi(although he was in front), all in second gear. And my car is hardly the most modified or fastest on this forum, its just an example of how much is down to the driver. BTW there is video evidence of all of last nights races just incase some one wants to say "no way you pulled ahead of a 200BHP Z3" i have raced highly tuned saxos and they have not been very impressive, the S/C VTS was the biggest let down in history(simply down to the over-excitable driver) and the VTR with nitrous is hardly a cossie killer. Dont mean to go on mate but i hope you understand where i am coming form;)

yeah, must admit that the honda type-rs are the only clio killers in the same category. how are they 1/4 miling though? faster then matbrowns? he ran a 14.7 i think
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

If you check out some Z3 stats then there pretty disappionting, but take nothing away caTse they are RWD which gives BIG advantages from standing starts.

To be honest a Clio 16v with the right mods should take on the VTSs and 106GTIs of this world. But im not sure how those hatches react to engine mods, all i know is that it voids there warranty if they go into superchips and cams, etc. Which is always a bonus for us. Can anyone with a 16v really say theyd prefer one aswell! ;)
  williams and trophy

well i gotta say iv been up against some fast clios in my time , but i think craggys sax would give the majority of em a real run for their money

this sounds like its gunna be a good prooving ground lol

Theres an Corsa 1.6 gsi around thats tuned (N/A)to somewhere around 200bhp, and it does 4.89 sec 0-60. Those 1.6 16v blocks are VERY tuneable, and are, if done right, a better option than a 2.0 16v conversion, as they are a much lighter engine. Was gonna put one in my mates nova, but they are alot more expensive than a 2l block.

Im pretty sure the one you are talking about is a 2l race-spec block. Is it white? Pretty satndard looking? 1/4 mile in the 13s?

Yeah i know that one.

Your missing the point though guys, thats a modified car.

I hardly think an ITR is a direct comparison to a clio, in fact there arent many i can think of as the Golf R32, Ford RS, Seat Leon, Audi S3 are bigger cars. I guess the mini could be in the same category?

With the older clios theres the R5, mk1/2 veedubs but overall Clios have quite a bit more power than direct rivals