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Clio 1.2, 2002 model, issue with starter motor connection

  Renault Clio 1.2 16v
Firstly, Hi. I'm new here...

I have an issue with my clio 1.2, 2002 model where the starter motor doesn't do anything when I turn the key. I can hear a click on the passenger (left) side of the car indicating (I presume) that it is trying to do something, but nothing happens. Fortunately the car is very easy to bump start. As the problem is intermittent, the garage couldn't find the issue. After some time on Google I suspect it might be related to a wire near the dip stick and the connection to the start motor solenoid... Does this sound right? Next time is happens, is it just a case of finding the wire and giving it a wiggle? Is there a long term fix?

Thanks in advance, David.