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Clio 1.2 Problems - please help!

The below message is an email from my friend, I'm useless with mk2 clios so other than the requisite "don't buy a clio" malarky do any of you have any suggestions of what to do next please?

It'd be interesting to know if they've run a diagnostic on it to be honest, and see what fault codes it was throwing up.

"My gf has been have loads of problems with her clio and has spent a fortune trying to fix it but it keeps on happening. The engine management light keeps coming on and the car goes in to limp mode. The car was misfiring originally and one guy looked at the injection system and sorted if but then it broke straight away. Its happened 3 times now - you got any ideas ?"

Thanks in anticipation.

You need to know what fails come up there a load of potentail problems on the 1.2s

Check throttle body is clean
Check spark plugs/chnage
Check/change coils.
Check TDC sensor (unlikly in thsi case)
Check MAP sensor
Wiring around ECU.

You need to know when it happnes if it when it is at slow speed fater a certain time etc.