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Clio 1.4 16V conversion to 182 engine

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ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
What ever it costs pal I'm happy to pay up to £300-500 to get that 1.6 engine in my clio as long as it has more then 200bhp that will make me more then happy

think we are being a bit over optimistic on costs here :wink:
  RB Clio 182
yeah thats why i said i am aiming for 200bhp on the 1.6 engine lol

Spray some of this in the throttle boddy buddy..



ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
The engine swap is far too much work. There's an easier way.

Go to B&Q and buy a 25kg bag of sharp sand. Has to be sharp sand to get the desired effect.

Take the air filter out of the air box housing then get a friend to sit in the car and hold the throttle at a very steady 6k. This is important! Then gradually pour the sand into the air box keeping an even flow, too much in one go could clog the engine. Doing this correctly will port and flow your head, leaving a highly polished finish and your engine will now suck more and more air in than ever before. Your ECU will read the amount of air coming in to the engine and compensate this with loads more fuel!l creating a bigger bang, bigger bang equals bigger power! This will result in at least double the stock horsepower! Enjoy and all for less than a fiver!
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